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Her family while she stayed at home That CBS's Holly Williams it's three 48 Right back to rich hunter in the WTO traffic center All right it's already to remain out with the crash in manassas 66 eastbound just east of two 34 suddenly wrote again squeezing by single file to the right with heavy response on Santa sounded like they sent some more fine rescue apparatus back out there so just be aware it's a little complicated there where they're trying to clean it up apparently there was a another vehicle involved that fled the scene so again you may see some state police action on both sides of 66 between manassas and Centreville but no other lane closures as a result Now they are still working on 66 eastbound as you had east of haymarket toward Gainesville still down to a single left lane but the good news is for now not much in the way of delays three 95 south near The Pentagon works on remains long and right side you get by single file it's left and again the work continues on the bellway on the inner loop as you head south to route four Pennsylvania avenue and continue to appoint just beyond the exit for Andrews exit 9 again single file left through the paving project There's a little bit of a slowdown there with more folks on the road expect that to continue to grow Your buzzer train ride has never been safer thanks to nova's public transportation providers we're taking the stress out of commuting so you can sit back relax and enjoy the ride rediscover your ride at no rides dot org rich hunter W two B traffic Storm team Forrest Samara Theodore with your Monday forecast Temperatures are headed for the 80s this afternoon We're going to do another repeat of this weekend Just beautiful weather cool start plenty of sunshine for your Monday Tuesday.

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