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I'm Marco werman and you're into the world where co production of the BBC World Service PRI in WG in Boston, getting asylum in any country is a complicated process and immigration officials take into account lots of things when they're assessing an asylum seeker in Europe, they're increasingly looking at personal data data from smartphones, computers and other 'electronic devices at migrants, bring with them. Immigration advocates, worry that in the current climate with anti immigration movements, sweeping across Europe, that information could be used against asylum-seekers reporter. Morgan meeker has been following all of this and recently wrote about it for wired UK online. Seeing on the refugee crisis in Europe was nice seeing a lot was wherever I was, whether it was Athens Lynn or Callet. Everybody signed himse consume moving across Europe always on the phone. So in neighboring them to find out about the head of the old contact people smugglers will stay in touch with families back at home. But I'd say arrived in countries such as Germany, Denmark, all the UK, the data, those carried on this. I was being kind of investigated and use mice against cases. So if somebody being Taki during session date, the immigration agencies could find out whether they were in Tocci using geo data, and if they want, they could use that gets us automatic -ation all it would encourage investigation. And it's just kind of like geographic placement where people were at a certain point in their travels or is there other information officials can pull out of devices that those migrants. Along with them what if he's countries countries? So last year we saw a few different countries done mock included. Legisation allowed them to interrogate kind of this mobile data. And now it's also being considered in Belgium and Austria as well. You can no way have been doing it for a long time. So for example, in Denmark, the immigration agencies able to request the police extract all phone Stater sedan. The accessing messages accessing information like Wes photo has been taken cool has been made from, but will say inflammation, like language phone is being used in in case somebody is pretending speak a different language who was doing all the forensics work to extract the data and information we've been talking about is a government agencies, or are they working with private companies? Certes legislation has been enabled by kind of a boom in what school on mobile forensics industry. On says, quite IKEA gray area because it's private companies we much Basset, but it really is taking off companies like t- three k. an MSA creating programs that the ones who enabling police to extract all this information on imposs- oversee immigration agencies who can then use it in Pacific asylum cases. I mean when so many migrants enter Europe under the radar there don't seem to be too many ways to establish factual arrival information other than a person's meditate on their phone. I mean, yes, there privacy issues, but really what auctions who officials have other than looking at the data on someone's cell phone. I think, yeah, this is overseen issue. Immigration agencies. A lot of people have said to very unprepared for the big numbers of into Europe, and I think it was in twenty sixteen the thought. He said that sixty cents people arrived without any identification documents, the tools they didn't arrive with possible. There's no way to confirm they what they said they were. And so these are increasing the ton ING to mobile day, sits confirmed this oversee infallible mistakes comfy made I to somebody who told me story about one man who said he was imprisoned during session period on. So obviously because he in prison, he couldn't access his Facebook on. But authorities found that somebody was using his Facebook to comment on photographs, and he said that was his brother. I mean, I don't know whether or not correctable. Nope, it's possible on so that all kind of like areas of doubt this inflammation cannot be fully confirmed. And as far as the privacy issues go or. Are there activists in the EU who are pushing back against us, activists in Denmark, welcome refugees. Kwa very condemning of side him seek is being off for that Facebook poss- weds for example often because people don't know whether it's okay, say no, I to Danish authorities, and they said they do tell him seek, is that you have.

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