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Down in the worst way Stanley to throw hit as he throws caught by regaining he ran across the formation turned up field and then turned back in and Stanley put it on the numbers there first down out across the forty five a gain of eight that was a great pattern integrate slow Michigan coming in the blitz. there was nobody underneath the writers regaining came out of his brakes board right there. move the chains time out for an injured player a Michigan man is down just to cross midfield. is not involved in the tackle but twisted something as he was trying to play through a block is Josh Mattel is they're terrific senior safety. Michigan is one of their main strengths those safeties Brad Hawkins and Mattel is Mattel's got the intersection a little bit ago now he's up being assisted off the field markers footballs brought to you by. U. S. cellular avoid breakdowns in coverage with US cellular and whether going to Iowa city to watch the harsher just to get away weekend adventures closer than you think book a weekend stay at thank you Iowa city hotels dot com that's. Iowa city hotels dot com. for the hawks finally move the chains. I was second first out of the first period torn young is in the game. Amir Smith goes in motion and they he reverses they give it to one head east all we can do to get back to the line of scrimmage Michigan wasn't buying all that motion they tried to run the reverse the other three stop and put it in and there were three Blueshirts wait for. the difference is so quick that you're just gonna have to take what you see you will get it he tried to dance around and pick up a little more of it. defense is awfully quick and that dance customer yard second down eleven the ball back. outside the forty five yard line of the hawk eyes last minute we have for the first time or gets in back in the game he is standing seven yards deep behind Stanley. Moscow the slot left that's regaining in the give us to get to the fires forward good walking over center and right guard gets up the midfield good to see a large Jackson back out there starting at left tackle today. gain of almost six for Tyler good service good push by Linda bomb. and Cole band were dead time. no the player they take the full balconies. many comes in and gets. good city. actually Levi Paulson was in there for banned words. announcer is parts have third down and almost six. here comes the from regaining splits wide right twin receivers to the left Amir Smith Mar set in Brandon Smith now regaining in motion Stanley in the gun the ball right it made feel I were trailing ten nothing Stanley back to pass which left throws right first downtown gets with forms to the thirty five of the Michigan Wolverines the hawks are on the move their goods and comes out of the backfield here. three receivers on the left side of the field. groups of out of the backfield on the right side.

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