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Away. And this is your e. I be an Kobe the living in America. Claim the benefits just just loving. The way the largest government live is. On you the minute you close the bowl is, it's fantastic. Did you say, Ben Qassem being hammered by his interrogators on the house, whatever it is time-wasting waste of time committee, because he didn't know the names of Cetin government acronyms, the great alphabet soup of government acronyms? What was what was the one on own way? They said lady get gun. The I don't even get how they can get away with this come descending to the black man. This, this big house committee, treating the black man. Like he's some shiftless Khaw way to shuffled in from doing his menial tasks in the yard and doesn't know any of the big words they asked him, what only was only, you know, what is the so many you can pick any bunch of lettuce in range, and it say some, it's the office of minorities women and inclusion, I think it is minority and women inclusion own way. And he didn't know it on weei is, I think that speaks welfare. That's great. Think he deserves the I particularly support him but he was running for president. But I think he deserves to be president just on the basis that he doesn't know what home we is then they asked him. What REO is do you know what is, it's the first three letters of our speedwagon, correct? It's, it's, it's the he took me guessing he says they are. Is that real estate? And she goes, yes. But what's the last letter two thirds doesn't count? You don't need. I think it's I think I have a great respect for him. I wasn't sure about him. Any bestow came out he plunged his knife into his mother or whatever it was, I didn't quite by him as a crazed savage, psycho attack of women. But as a man who doesn't know what government acronyms he's a haven. I feel the same way I pulled up to the US border post at W line foams, and they said, have you validated your LPN? And I repeat slowly have validated by Ted to by assisted just met me at the app port. And she had a black cloak and look of tarot on face. And I went again so have validated myopia the guy goes, I'm gonna ask you one more time. Have you validated? You'll be on. I said, well, if I knew that meaningless bureaucratic mumbo jumbo went be making a career and immigration enforcement wouldn't I and he said, right over here in. And spend the next ninety ninety minutes to go and booked me a nice room. Get what I said. No self effecting, passan. God bless you. Ben Carson for not knowing the names of these stupid acronyms. They shouldn't be an OMB way. I know what our yo is on. We shouldn't exist. I don't. REO away. They were banned in the but they shouldn't be around. Now. Anyway, anyway, Ben Carson said very good. He was accused of separating running the HUD. Somebody said vase sneeringly the d- does not send deportation, because he's thinking he's crazy. Coca Mamie idea that public housing public housing that public housing should be like full, the American public. Not that the public housing shouldn't be full, the planets the, the, the seven billion people on the planet. They shouldn't be able to come and live in American public housing. He's crazy idea. So they just going to be separating families tossing kids out onto the street. You know, basically starving minority children to death, and he says, no, if we find that you're not entitled to American public housing, then we tell you to leave and you say, oh, well, I haven't got anywhere else to go. So we give you a six month deferment. This is what is what being a right wing Haiti now is America is we give you a six months defilement, if you say, you know, else to go, and then in six months time, we give you another defilement, and then six months after that we give you third defilement. So we're gonna we tell you. We're going to kick you out on the street in effect in eighteen months time. And he said very correctly, to them by that time. You loses in this stupid, useless, non legislating legislature should have actually done something to correct the immigration system, that has incentivized the total depopulation of entire villages in Mexico and Latin America as everybody moves north today. The biggest migrant processing noticed even the right wing guys, supposedly using this time migrant processing as if people are like buds now. It's just something they do come the change of season. Everybody migrate snow from South America to North America. It's like Canada geese. She can just look up in the sky at Sutton times. He and they go back and forth. So these migratory migrants, the biggest migrate remind processing, send to mcallen, Texas, and the Rio Grande valley, they've had to close it down because it's disease in. It some, some kid died of flew to you. Okay. Died a flu couple of days ago. So they've had to close the whole thing down the biggest processing center now you go back to what Kirsten gillibrand was, this was someone who is a so-called democrat when she was in congress representing upstate New York constituency up near the Canadian border and she says, I wouldn't you have any enforcement at all. We wouldn't need expand detention facilities, because we should be taking these people into custody. We should just provide them with the Loya. So this is great because we're going to need a lot more lawyers America employs, as many lawyers as the rest of the planet combined now, we're going to have to employ twice as many lawyers, so we'll have twice as many lawyers as the rest of panic combined, they have to represent the rest of the planet for free. We're going to have lawyers public defenders full. For the six billion people who on yet American, and when they come across the body, you'll be assigned a Loya. They'll be doing what they at the moment that busing you hundreds of miles into the country and dropping you off in random towns and the provide you with oh, she says, no issue. This health thing, actually is an issue. You know, they come let these people into the building, because the, the building has people who are sick in it, and the sick people, making other people's sake. So that, that dying. Now again when you do things legally and I know it so waste the time. But if you'll want to the poll rube saps fools, who decides to emigrate to America, legally, you have to have health tests. And not only you, but you'll children have have health tests. I today with Mike at my kids for you doesn't wanna be jabbed. Full doesn't want to be tested hepatitis does want to be tested for aids wanna be tested for all these things and come out with all these limbs Fulla holes, because I testing him for everything all at once an extremely unpleasant experience the young kids. But if you make the mistake of emigrating to the United States, legally, that's what they do to you and very few. Doctors want to do it. So you Jen you and you can't. They won't take the word of your own dope tests in my case you can't get you Canadian doctor to satisfy the end of this, that or the other. Because they can government only reimbursed is people who do this fifty bucks, per patient. Most doctors don't wanna do this. So this in New Hampshire and Vermont, is three doctors in the middle of nowhere who are willing to do this. If the drive hours, kids jabbed full of this, that, and the other, and you do these tests. Meanwhile, this is craziness. This is this is two parallel societies overlaid like these new area codes. They have now when when the big area code fills up, they introduce a new area code, and you have them overlaid on each other. And that's how it is now. And it's like in one area code. Three year old kid as to be tested hepatitis HIV, polio. All this kind of thing, and he's howling and miserable, and impacting, and then on the other in the other area code. You can just walk across the southern border and, and be released deep into America, and you will never be expected to take any kind of health tests, which is why oddly enough in these huge garbage dumps and these tent cities in every California City, California crumbling before our eyes. I don't know how Californians on embarrassed of the state of that city's these huge tent cities, Nancy Pelosi's lousy city, San Francisco when back when Tony Bennett made that Rutten ballot it actually was worth singing about that time. A little cable cars climbing halfway to the sows it merited that song songs rubbish. But it manage it being sung about now within a stone's photo of Nancy, Pelosi's gated mansion. You have ten cities you have human feces on the street. You have people having to have limbs removed Tucker Carlson's, bulky Tokes to some guy who wound up having to go to flesh eating virus from walking past, one of the filthy ten cities in California cities, this custom Jilib brand. Once she, she wants to put this policy on steroids. They're actually they, they democrat party when it's not investigating Trump. It has to investigate Trump as a distraction from the fact that its policies dedicated to turning this country into something somewhere between Venezuela. If you're lucky and Yemen, if you not much time for rush one eight hundred two eight two two eight to.

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