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Gave him a wrench. You were talking about Michigan State and Rockers. T C U Kansas coming up a little bit later on College coming up right now In the NBA. We have Utah and Brooklyn. That's the sole early game here at 7 40 eastern time. Utah Jazz Laying 4.5 total is 2 25.5. I guess. You know, if you're gonna play this game, you could take a look at some of the player props here. The save, Ning said. You know the the Brooklyn next getting 4.5 points right now. It's quite the swing. Everybody is just completely jumped on on Utah. Here. Kyrie Irving's playing carousel playing Joe Harris is play. Yes. You know, they have Spencer again with you, and they don't have Kevin Durant. But all right, let me we've got a couple of more minutes to think about this before we make a final decision. No, I gave bring it. I think I'm gonna pass. I think that I think that game sucks. It Z either Brooklyn or nothing. We got that update. Um, I think there's a couple guys out for the Lakers. Maybe tonight. I know Memphis is gonna be one of those big, ugly dogs. But getting 10 points with Memphis is the home dog. I know. We like Chicago. Maybe Carmine likes and ugly pooch tonight to remember Last time we were all on Charlotte. Together that worked out at Charlotte. Plus 8.5. We gotta find something because I don't like this Utah Brooklyn Game one bit, buddy. Carbide Bianca Wager. Talk steps up there. What's going on, Carmine? How much man How you guys doing? Yeah, That's Charlie. One was easy. Uh, it was one of those ones. I told you plus eight and you take the you take the dog and you take the money line and both came in so Pretty happy about that. This is an ugly car tonight. I like some totals, but that's pretty much it. This It is Listen, coloring. So hold on. So the Brooklyn Nets starting lineup tonight. Kyrie, Irving, Bruce Brown, Tauron Prince Jeff Green, Jared Allen. Joe Harris, DeAndre, Jordan on Bond Kabarole or on the bench. All right, well, there there. Very bizarre. Okay, game. We left off the bullet head and I forgot about it. How the hell did we not take Vanderbilt plus the 12 against Kentucky? Like it's early. You're winning out, right? Like I know, I just I just game I just saw it and I'm like, what are we doing? Kentucky can't lay double digits against anybody, man. Anybody Vanderbilt's basketball teams, not their football team. They could play anyway. We'll have that one on the table. That's Carmine. What total you looking at the embassy tonight? Yeah, I've got it. I got three. I like I I took the under. And, uh, in this, uh, the Brooklyn game. Sorry. I took the over in the Brooklyn game have the under in the Lakers game and then the under in the Timberwolves game, So three totals for me. It's one of those things where, uh, When you do great on sightings here, like I'm King of the world. And then the next day you go in three insides and like I'm not taking sides anymore. I'm going to totals s 03 totals I like and they've pretty much gone. My way as far as like steam from the opener, so I'm pretty happy about that is when they move against me. I'm not that happy. I'm tempted by the Brooklyn next, plus the points tempted by the Nets, plus the points. I do think there's gonna be a lot of points in that game. As you mentioned camp meant for so that ugly dog The same name. The Clippers air leg points tonight. They're five and two against the spread. I'm going to maintain my my stance. I'm going to roll the dice tonight. Chicago Bulls, plus the points Carmine Chicago Bulls at Portland. Yeah. Night. Well, it's zeal just to see what the numbers at it. That's pretty high, but I don't know. I heard a lot of believing that it's not really want to be. Oh, I don't know. Yes. You really want to go into sport inside with Chicago. My stands. We want your support. No, no, You're not feeling the bulls. Oh, no Feeling any side right now, man, I'm just, um, come totals today the only side for me today. Eyes in that gold the juniors today Canada over the U. S. That's my only started today s Oh, no, I don't have a problem a problem That's just too bad Fanduel and others don't have a number. But like all these gauges can and it's going to take a look at the MBA is really annoying like this. Like, Yeah, I like this team, and then you look at their lineup and it's like, Oh, all right. Marketings out with Cove. It Wow. How long's yo, What's the deal? Now? He doesn't have it. Whatever. Dude, blah, blah Colvin Protocol Marketing's out and my main man. Sat around skate him. Love Saderat skis. Deli. Yeah, boy or sad. Rasky tested positive for Colvin. No, he's out. So the bulls are dealing with this covert stuff coming in here tonight. I don't know. You know, let's just pass. As you stated, maybe I'll jump in in college basketball. You're right. We should have gotten in on Vanderbilt. Maybe I don't know. Let's see. Maybe there's a live soccer game was something that Carmine can help us out with. With that I was gonna tell you, Gabe, uh, the Ping pong match. I was looking at the table tennis and that loser that you bet on before all of us that he's a real hero tonight that laying 3000. It's that big s o. That guy that you took the turkey Now tonight, he's like, sweeps the board he loses, He loses three in a row. And now he sweeps when you don't have just you're waiting. I don't know these people that says that things are fixed and stop because I lose, but I'm telling you right now, if there's any sport that's fixed in the world, guys, I found it. I believe Frank. That's on this. How the hell Yeah, and Vladimir's basement like I will. How do you regulate that? Carmine and I got on it. Yesterday It was two Russian dudes playing pinball and they shot it's not like the Korean guys of the Dutch guys. Words like Oh, God, these guys, you're amazing. These guys were like hidden in that and like They were missing. Serves and Listen, I guess I'm the mark. I bet on it, Carmine, But after I bet on, I realized that I just got hustled by the Moscow Bob. I got shaking down. I got shit true. It's what we do, man. There's days on on Saturdays. I get my one o'clock or whatever card in and there's like 20 minutes. And I've done everything and I'm bored. I got 20 minutes before the game starts, and I hop on and there's like virtual horse racing. Where there you're watching a cartoon horses go around the track, and he did so for the sports. So what? What can you tell us that about? What do you think about this game? Then? Right now I know you're a view event. This fan. What about you vent, dude? Uh, you're you're really scraping them. They're, uh, talker. Cuiaba versus human. Even do it. Yeah, No, my only you know your time. My only my only soccer game Today was the uh, F L Cup semifinals in England. Tottenham over Brentwood had Tottenham and that was pretty much it. So, uh, two nil win for them and I've got three plays lined up for you guys whenever you're ready for them. Yes, we should have called you.

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