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Want to definitely for you are wrong lane another great it was love liberal so wonderful fell meles and german mrs sarah cars nick mattiello bring all the lauren laura come on over here come on over here switched these were laura mere thorough pour me please thank you mayor we actually had a character name sara and then an actor name sarah cell we'd get confused oh my god i got a good lori oh my god this is lauren early at welcome lord him out here oh my god lauren oh my is i know it sounds like i'm just saying the same thing but up to we had such a talent did cast look lorn even in casting we're laura oh my god it was like yeah amazing you know and you don't want people what people have this talent that some would kind of say is a natural talent to do whatever it is that you do whenever it is that you love doing people wonder you know like what what's your story what is your backstory did allows you to be able to bring your character that real on the screen would it has to be something to give it to give it to my fence move as tone what is it that make slower and be able to come on screen in then transform into this amazing character everyone has to believe it because there's just how incredible you were stunned yes as i doubt yes okay keep government i mean i grew up on the east coast and the oldest out of three children so i've always play you know more of a a mother figure you know right um and i feel like that is what my character was very relatable tsunamis she is the one to keep her husband his friend here in check and i'm in the reasonable person outright yes and which is.

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