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Create. Learn more at IBM dot com. Rebel DT will be four 38. Probably good weather on the 8s, rich owners of the double dtl traffic center. It does not appear that they were stopping traffic if you're traveling on the inner loop of the beltway headed toward from Arlington boulevard toward 66, I believe they've begun the process of picking up the works on very slowly. And again, you are getting by single file to the right. Delays began back near Arlington boulevard now headed through the works on its length, so just be prepared, but it does not appear that they have stopped traffic. There is traffic getting by. The 66 interchange. If you're on 66 westbound still working between sycamore street and the doll is connected, you're down to a single length left through the works down there. And again, the exit to go west on the dulles connector is open. Keep in mind the work zone on the dulles connector from 66 toward one 23, you were down to a single right lane getting by. 95 and three 95 remained without issue. Still dealing with a crash eastbound or outbound on the 11th street bridge 6 95 on ramp to go south on I two 95 exit two a, again, the crash along the right side, you squeeze left to get by. Attention contractors and technicians northeastern supplies opening in belts all around the corner from MLK middle school. Visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing HVAC, water systems and PVF needs rich hunter WTF traffic Good morning, it's another cloudy and soggy start to the day. Rain is a big part of the forecast for at least the first half of your Wednesday. Things will

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