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So you make a big difference in the first four days and then and then it slows down in the losing again was was it was all pretty hard all sorts deal with the neck Sirait or vocal coach work there for quite a bit. Yes, the the accent and then her impersonation of of of Nancy, that guy to that she plays and she runs off in the. And required, you know, her doing sort of not particularly effective New Orleans accent that she has to try and pull off and not very well. But there was a lot of studying David where he wanted to have a feeling of Caroline Kennedy to this character. So I started a lot of imagery of her, and we really talked about the nature of socio Pathy. It was focused on the Caroline thing for a second because she was not somebody who we heard much from, but was sort of seen as the icy blonde that you're saying earlier in your career, you did not want to be mistaken force. So did you have any enter conflict about? You know your highest profile role to that point is gonna be reinforcing that notion, or you just say what I know, because that was the Amy, that was the Koogle right at the beginning when she's trying to his often. I think Caroline Kennedy was, you know she was intriguing because yes, we never really heard us speak, but we'd see this kind of intensity of romance which doesn't really go with. The ice Queen, you know, you see, there was never any doubt. It was this sexual charge that there was something very sexy about her. And then there was also the intriguing, an awful paparazzi intrusion that kept their rows so that you'd see these stunned up shouting matches hunting, who streets of New York, and you go to sense of the trouble. But the whole process of going go was was really quite extraordinary. I heard it described as ten weeks of boot camp, which I don't know if that means that's the period when you were doing all these things to get ready, but then one hundred days of production itself at the beginning of which you were sounds like physically not well, but also a little nervous. How did you handle that? Gosh, you've done your research very. This is getting quite uncomfortable lurking sweater, Saudi fun stuff. I flew down to Missouri to start shooting, and I was I was ill and I think the producers possibly thought that it was just nerves, but I really really was. And in the morning, we're had to have some perspective work and the wig literally I'd thrown up four times before the first days of shooting, and I knew I was ill and in retrospect we ended up completely re shooting that day. But in the in the sort of wee hours of the night when I couldn't sleep, I realized I was I was ill, but I was also terrified because you know, it was my I was, I never been on set on the first day of shoot ever. I've always had the luxury of coming in. You know, couple of weeks in, I've never been in such a lead pipe prominent role, and I thought who can possibly stave off my nerves, and I ended up emailing Tom Cruise in the dead of night saying, you know, you've had this since he was seventeen years old..

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