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Had twelve races first post eleven forty five dollar day and we were getting a little vacation after today will be open for some cast revision free parking next week but we welcome now from speed figures dot com Matt but task good morning Matt good morning Sam well we got a few races to run over so let's get go in first half of the daily double we're going to go one mile your thoughts yeah it's a it's a good opener I think it's one of the first beatable favorite for the day I mean we have a twelve race card there's some really good rates the today so I think we have our first beatable favorite here in the number for speeding running he did he's about the fourth ranked course we had in our system so I think we can start off with a little value here the number the number three horse quick quack quotes the kind that dual favorite he is the one to be in our on our sheet and he gets the top called the number three quick quick while we connect him say that three times in a row number one to Emma stretching back out to the mile and looking good there he was our second call and then the twenty to one number two horse dark favor that's not had a real good chance yet in a in a race with a decent pace where it was reasonable and he is fat so we think the number two dark saber twenty to one you might be interesting you might be able to leave this rate the long way you dropping down from the straight main to the maiden eight thousand beat any shown really get the the last few times so dark saber maybe it of interesting course twenty to one in the morning like you may take the the long white though we're going to go three one two and just the three one actually on our early pick five take it I've moved on to the second race we're gonna go over here with a field of seven they're going to a one mile and the nine to five favorite is captain red yeah he is the one we like in here captain read look good against this field he's coming off a tenth place finish going amount sixteen against much better but that the race before that at this level was really good he witnessed second missed by a head and I think he can go back to that better effort there so the captain read looks really good in a spot the number six missed the boat at six the one was our second call and then the number three refractometer five if you for Jonathan long we threat he was the third call here I'm moving on to the third race today and this maiden claiming twelve five we'll go on five and a half and the morning line favorite will be at two one Victor to heal on next port of call the six here again I think it the beatable favorite here next port of call you know he's been beaten twice at this at the immediate eight thousand level trying the maiden twelve five global today and he doesn't really rank in our top three here so I think we have another beatable favorite in fact our best value play one of the best place to the day I think it's the number three silver moment so put a star by him he's making a second career start for ed mujer and I think this this forced really has a bit of talent here specially this this medium claiming level he got caught in a really fast eight plus I'm twenty one and one for the meeting Paul five level and he couldn't even get the lead he was doing second by a head second by late turning for home he stayed in there he was stuck in a deep stretch and then just kind of gave up the ghost to a winner that one off by five link the kind of you know discourage the rest of the field so I was really intrigued by that effort there third place in fact has already come back to win a third place source that already got beat seven link then that rate is the next out winner and silver moment doing on that lead and holding intimate stretch I think I think the horse looks excellent today in the spot he's ninety two on the morning line get the jockey upgrade to William Anton Georgie and the last to work out that that rate are excellent though I I think this is a good value play here this is probably gonna be the one that we email out as we do on our on this base we do our sheet so thanks your mom is going to be the horse today and and nine to two we like that one sensational rocket a first time starter for bill deleon Catalina Martinez is the other horse here to look at the we're just three five and we're gonna throwing the one hobby into Boulevard for some value in the traffic that number one five billion making it third start I'm moving quickly out of the forces we have twelve will go six furlongs and the morning line favorite to and this one will be and let's see kind of a wide open event here looks like done very scat one will be your favorite at three to one she yeah this is the this is a spread rate won't talk much about each course here but it's one of the ones we have to go we're gonna go for deep on it back in the early pick five so because we're kinda narrowing things down on our other races this is the one we have to end up opening five sequence this is the one where you have to use as many courses as you can because I really don't be a fan out here we do have a slight push top call to the number five are you tough enough at five to one one of the two in here for Jamie Thomas so we will put her first that she's one of the four that were gonna mention number five are you toughen up we use the twenty to one minute be making her third start of two thousand nineteen and she's probably got excellent early speed she loves the to Peter here she loves the synthetic track and she's coming up to straighten dirt efforts at Fresno in October she did show a little bit of speed but nothing like she probably will run on to Peter so I think there's gonna be a big switch in her form when she moves over to Golden Gate where she's done her best running the twenty one seems a little bit out of whack on her and definitely good value number four it girl he still when she two wins and fifty three start but she's got great numbers for this rate and a good coach being kicked though she's gonna have a chance and she probably one of the one of the shirt track sector horses and then high school sweetheart number seven turning back from several miles under her belt now she's shortening back to a spring so I think that the other Jamie Thomas training course and I think she might be able to fire on the route to sprint angle so we'll see three forty five nine four seven but it's a grab bag and we really don't have a great a single play here all right the Rev up your take five we see that the morning line favorite will be Johnson longs number four blushing bay at two to one yeah we're watching bay as our second pick in the one of the only two that we use on the opening pick five but we love the number nine and the one here I mean today's card is is just full of value I really like the closing day Kerr the Golden Gate but together when you get ten to one morning line on the outside of course job number nine she's making her third lifetime start and she has shown excellent speed into really strong races at better company so in fact sheets face blushing bay last time out and let every step of the way till deep stretch on a very fast pace while blushing bay with sitting way in the back doing nothing against the path and then close for second though das furnished forth after spending all that bad eight and in fact that race has come back so he that blushing bay insect and Loretta in third and the horse in for all formed a tribe back to the next time out at this level so bush's their job looks really good here I think she's gonna grabbed the early lead and she should really perform well publishing band second before so we're gonna go nine four and then beyond his mandate number three would be our third call the witness gonna go nine Ford and the pick the early pick five at the guaranteed payout today all the lot of the exotic today's like the late picks for early picks five and the rainbow pick six are going to be guaranteed mandatory payout with the last day the me are moving on quickly is six races where about twelve race card first posted eleven forty five for a dollar a day two to one on prince day brands and ten Georgie dax diner the four in the six yeah again this is a race for the beatable favorite I think prince the prince up against it here as he's had to start without really showing me enough to win at that level both of his figures came back kind of mediocre for a race at this level and there are some first timers that are dangerous in here so I think thanks to print it up against that he gets our third call against two of the the other courses here the top call six to one number five we really like just like Fred a first time starter for Bob has senior who does not let his forces show anything in the morning yet this horse has very good work out I circles for his work out in his last five and for a trainer that doesn't let his horses show much in the mornings I think this will probably come out really running in a race without a lot of speed so Francisco Monroy hops on just like Fred six to one top call your first time starter if you get the good break I think he can be really tough and then the second time starter for Jonathan Wong number six knockout Burt looks like the main danger is the five that you second choice in the race and I think he's better ranked here then the the favor prince the prince so I think six five would get you through this race and probably be another beatable favorite I will quickly moving on to the seventh race and we have a factor of two for does o'neill in the the seventh race today Mario Guterres comes up to ride number one factor of two yeah there's there's a little bit to be skeptical of factor too she's making the drop down and he's he's never trained or raced over to Peter so we'll see how she does a lot of times could go either way on that one though the favorite here if you're gonna use that you're gonna have to probably spread further than that definitely not a single factor of two the favorite another favorite that looks like she could be beatable by one of these other sharp local forces top call here press goes to social etiquette number four it's bill McLean trained force coming up to win in her last four including a win or slightly less than actually taken the night confident bump up so social etiquette looks good here number four and the number seven papaya for any another poster and motors is gonna run well today so we look we.

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