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Newest innovations in comfort and durability Landry is yet to be targeted so for tonight it's been mostly Beckham a whole lot of Kareem Han and running please to chop head office job running up the middle and he is not down quickly shop had no room to work with and he got hit by Isaiah blogs on the play second intent well he ran in the bugs and got a goal a scrimmage and he had no chance there is a multitude of Steelers surrounding hustling to the ball when is the line of scrimmage in as good a job is he had no chance so it's children with Kareem Han they flake Mayfield one to the left that's hard to the right is chock shot don't make the handoff the field poll will throw deep shots of separation do you still Cleveland may feel the whole the whole the whole still feel the hajj for fifty nine yards one is a lease the secondary main they're they're trying to get the **** on the naked bootleg this check it down with this news do a great job of covering it up and hot just keeps on working beats my guilt D. and Mayfield is has the awareness to find them in my guilt can bring down Hodges from you second year in the NFL initially played for the rams and they have stopped playing we might have a challenge play I'm not sure the challenges was down by contact is the question so you got extra yours yeah the right you mean the catch and was stumbling down Mike Hilton made contact leg to leg so they'll take a look this close shave instant replay review is sponsored by Barbasol shaving cream for thick leather and a close comfortable shave choose Barbasol the American original for over one hundred years better lives Barbasol it's going to be a catch the question is whether or not he gets the bonus yards we step aside second quarter action seven nothing lead for Cleveland this is what we want coverage of the National Football League.

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