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Very unpredictable. I just remind everybody in Virginia that yes, we do have earthquakes and occasionally they're damaging. Just be aware of the fact that we can't have those things. Nick Ineli, WTOP News. Tolls could soon be Here on the Dulles Greenway, the company that owns it wants to raise tolls 40 % during rush hour. Today it's $5 .80. It would go to up $8 .10 during off peak hours from $5 .25 to $6 .40. The company says this and future increases are needed to keep up with growing debt obligations. It says the state and taxpayers have made routes 7 and 28 into viable free commuting options to the greenway and that the company needs these increases to make a fair return somewhere down the road. On the Dulles Greenway, Neil Augenstein, WTOP He knows. From Virginia Beach to the Jersey Shore, the ocean beckons but this a year's summer, worth of inflation has driven vacation prices higher. Overnight lodging prices are up 5 % over last year and the cost of alcoholic beverages is nearly 4 .5 % higher. The Wall Street Journal laid out the numbers associated with a long weekend at the beach, including the cookout. Ground beef is up nearly 2 .5 % and the buns cost 11 .5 % more. Drivers, however, benefit from much lower gas prices this summer, 6 .5 % lower. And ice cream prices? They're up more than 5 %. Dick Iuliano, Yano WTOP News. NFL owners are supposed to meet next

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