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I don't know of it's related bad around that time. I noticed him start to do a bit of a cost like a hacking cough end when we went to the vets had investigated internet that he had a little collapse in easter kale. Say it may have been that he'd been tucked too hot on the neck by a colossal high impacting. That as much as it makes me feel horrendous will help someone else listening. Perhaps narda always wear have harnessed on the little dogs. Not walk them with nikola So he does have this kind of occasional trouble with his trachea if he's not on the neck or Never have color on animal side. That yet is never any pressure the tricky because that sends him into a coughing fit i had to have actually on human asthma medication for about a year to strengthen metric and that was a bit of a laugh so we had a nebulizer what they used to give babies. Asthma and i ended up teaching him to allow us to put the nebulizer either. Snap in mouse and take a puff of pa three seconds and then he would get a pace a hand and he will do in My jobs. I've never seen a little jog eights but Was a dead cow. Some way probably eight. The hall has to make himself feel like he did it. Got up when it comes to fade so any five to select tricks or activities but little things or commands to perform well. He didn't where he gets. Somebody loves a camera anytime you bladder camera. This is for the head and it just makes ever las vegas where like what day they know on the cover of. I've never got dungey. I gone down that right. But he has been on the cover of magazines and newspapers purely from just plunking himself down in front of the rock for at the right time and just playing up to it He can turn around to. Hey can drop. He can stay. Yes pretty disciplined with the basic training. I will always make him see him. Why for saga. He's given a command. That can benny after waiting He'll he'll turnaround instead. Hose for trade. Which always makes the kids laugh is keeping him jumping around and said oh happy you'll do. Lots of food is a majority over the loves it. he's favorite fade on. The planet is smart salmon site if anyone has snakes which is not the nicest mail that's probably why so enjoyed. Hey will mitch. Surely states end. Beg them wall. We're on the subject of food and things going in with math question. I asked my guess is to complete the sentence. Aqap believe my dog ate my nappy. It was really really bad. I'm going to sign. The new one was not number one. And i already put it to the side for two seconds as i was putting on the clean nappy and he was just like ninja stealth. I didn't even hear him coming. And pick it up and nappi was there was a lot of trump. We'll leave that one. There of can may audio. So can you remember any other. Thomas these ninja skills You're putting me on this now. Know that i can remember he. He born lee. Well the hank paved. That's a good thing on nor have been so lucky with my concepts about the donation. I had oh my gosh the pickles as to get into remember him taking off amana pop window in running freshly Of wet cement will the council people yelling at me just east. Jump at the back of our highlights. Year it. if he wasn't strapped he was just a menace. Every time we drive. He'd sing while driving. So we'd every contract we had with him ended up in broad. George is in the back of the car. Wash all dry here. It's a mile away. Could be another podcast. The hundley puffs hairy mccleary book heels. Light one when the he calmed me seem to be any sort of like interesting habits. Not so much he's again. He's very protective of the kids. Hayes mindful of exercise. These days is just excitement when they come harm if they'd been out the day of the wrestling tumble. He's even take it at last night. He slept my son's bed rather than my vet and he's like i find it hard to sleep with him now to sound serving the helix but he's just comforting little warm water bottle that's president bed and last night i call. This is not fair. He's got him put putting south bend. Remind four your own kid and talked up imbed that just such good energy rates and i felt like song gripe full that i have haymond like i clearly. He felt that kit needed presents tonight and his tapped into him. That i really like didn't much believe in coney. Tam.

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