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A man suspected in the shooting at a south side convenience store was arrested about two and a half hours later by a swat team after the man according to police barricaded himself inside of a home just a few blocks away police say a fifty year old clerk at the J. J. peppers at seventy first and Kedzie is hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the chest his condition has not been released lawyers for two men on trial for killing nine year old tie Shawn levy unsuccessfully sought a mis trial today the lawyers for Dwight Jodie and Corey Morgan were angry that Chicago police withheld what they considered key information from them until this week the Tribune reports the lawyers argued that police did not timely hand over evidence to prosecutors that officers had stopped to man on the street for questioning in twenty seventeen moments after recovering five guns including the pistol later linked through testing to tie Sean's killing outside the presence of jurors the attorneys argued that they could have investigated the two men as possible suspect in Thai shines killing. the Illinois state museum is returning a culturally significant objects taken from and and the the the people in Australia nearly ninety years ago forty two items will head back to Australia from the state's museum when representatives of the a Rhonda and Barty Joe we aboriginal communities come to Springfield next month the museum's curator of anthropology Brooke Morgan says they include sacred ceremonial items that are supposed to be seen by only certain people and secular items such as necklaces they're going to use these things that are repatriated to better themselves and their and future generations how to make these traditional objects the university of Chicago gave the object to the museum in nineteen forty two after one of their anthropologist collected them while working in Australia Morgan says they've been in and temperature controlled environment off display for nearly forty years Nancy hardy news radio one oh five point nine FM WBBM news.

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