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Throughout Garfield slow slow demise Charles Ghetto remained in his jail cell waiting for Chester Arthur to come and absolve him but the admiration he expected. Beck did never came in fact one soldier sergeant. William Mason was so tired of seeing Charles Alive that he shot at him through the jail also window mason missed and was sentenced to eight years for the assassination attempt. He never regretted the act when Garfield to finally died eighty days after the shooting no one ever told Charles it was in passing from his guards that he discovered that Garfield had succumbed throughout the country newspapers ran letters from citizens describing creative ways that Charles should pay for his crime. According to historian Candice Millard one letter claim that Charles should be thrown to a pack of hungry dogs in her state of mourning Lucretia Garfield told her children to try and feel some kind of sympathy for Charles only because it was the Christian thing to do by now they had heard rid of Charles's visions of grandeur and that he may be mentally ill but molly Garfield felt no sympathy for the man who killed her father. She thought Charles should be tortured to death instead he went on trial on October. Fourteenth eighteen eighteen eighty one Charles j gaito stood before Judge Walter Cox and pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity he said to quote insanity in that it was God's Act and not mind the divine pressure on me to remove the president was enormous that it destroyed destroyed my free agency and therefore I am not legally responsible word spread about his questionable mental state and fear grew among the public that Charles may potentially get away with murdering. President Charles's trial began on November November fourteenth eighteen eighty one throughout the proceedings. The Court House was packed with onlookers and gawkers Charles was represented by by his brother-in-law George Scoville along with another attorney. Charles argued that he could represent himself but SCOVILLE refused to allow how it in addition to pleading insanity Charles and his defense blamed Garfield death on his doctors early in the trial as a witness testified about the events of July second Charles interrupted and shouted. I deny the killing. If your honor please we admit admit the shooting. His disturbances continued throughout the trial every day. Charles either refuted witnesses mid testimony spoke directly directly to the judge without permission or loudly disagreed with his own attorneys during cross examination at one point. SCOVILLE demanded the judge make AAC Charles keep quiet but it accomplished very little and he continued to talk over whoever was testifying finally on November Twenty Eighth Charles took the stand himself for a week he recounted his childhood his time at the Oneida community commune and his year as a traveling evangelist. Finally he revealed his motive for shooting Garfield after surviving about crash. He knew that God had delivered him for a mission. His divine purpose was to save the country by shooting the president as the days went went on the public grew restless. The slow moving trial became too much for one drunken farmer one afternoon as Charles sat in his carriage waiting to leave the courthouse. The farmer brandished a pistol and shot through the carriage window bars the bullet missed Charles but left a hole in his coach and he remained in constant fear. Finally after two long months the trial concluded included the closing arguments were more or less a rehash of Charles's mental state. He was allowed to speak one more time to the jury once again. Charles claimed the shooting was an act of God and then he sang John Brown's body a popular folk song about the famed abolitionist abolitionist. It only took the jury one hour to decide his fate on January. Twenty six eighteen eighty to the jury foreman announced announced that Charles Guitar was guilty as charged. The court erupted in applause and cheers when they they finally quieted Charles announced that God would avenge him for the outrage that had just occurred for the next six months since forty year old Charles still firmly believe that he was going to escape the hangman's noose whether through his appeals pour a direct pardon from President Arthur but on May twenty second eighteen eighty two Charles's final appeal was denied in a letter to Arthur Charles Charles proclaimed that he was responsible for Arthur's presidency and that the least he could do was free him on June twenty-fourth Arthur after you're careful consideration decided not to pardon Charles Guitao on June thirtieth eighteen eighty two Charles accepted did that no help was coming to him resolved. He wrote a poem as his final words. As Charles made his way to the gallows he saw aww crowd of over one thousand had gathered when the people quieted Charles Read Fourteen Verses From The Gospel Full of Matthew Chapter Ten which names Jesus's twelve apostles and their holy missions then in a childlike falsetto voice. He sang his poem. I'm going to the Lordy. I'm so glad I'm going to the Lordy. I'm so glad I'm going going to the Lordy Glory Hallelujah Glory Hallelujah. I'm going to the Lordy. I'm so glad when he finished finished the executioner placed the Black Hood over his head bound his legs and wrapped the noose around his neck Charles. Let the poem uh-huh fall from his hands by the time it hit the ground the trap door had opened to thunderous Chris Cheers and applause forty year old Charles Goto dangled from the gallows pole. The man who shot President James Garfield was finally dead.

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Arthur Charles Charles, Charles, Charles Ghetto discussed on Assassinations

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