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Fly ball the left dickerson back at the wall it is here dickerson late the almost had it and the giants are on the board it's one nothing hundley is offered to you at a line drive to center field in the fifth the pitch showing in our high fly ball down the left feline into the corner is dickerson he leaps as right down the left field line is hardly clears the basis that's a three run home run and it's five to nothing said come back out there and probably this expert three runs the last game with pretty good stuff today was even better and all his pitches better breaking ball i thought i had sharp located well uses change of what fastball sides really did a nice job out there and we needed that in the worst way yeah i said he'd take a really good an effort to get us out of this congressional he did a great job as all bruce bochy derek holland all of a sudden eric harley we've been hard on him here i've been hard on him as i had no confidence the giants can ever win when he's out there well guess what they did yesterday little pop from nick hundley who has four homers to buster posey's to man and corky sir as it in a bomb too so they needed that they come home twenty and twenty one point eight o'clock crowd hasn't heard for sure so good so good only four and a half out in the west because the diamondbacks lost five in a row so cannabis are and then finally humvee number three i was thinking about propping up the washington capitals polly shout out to our old buddy pat caps my trip to number nine i went to a hockey game in trivia question i was totally in i was like all right i'm in on the cavs road them for several years as my eastern team caps generally do with the caps do which is get eliminated in the playoffs but now they're up to zip exciting but i i had to dig them they only get honorable mention status because i had to.

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