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Name nickelodeon nickelodeon i logo was a cartoon mime looking into a viewer i've never seen this before but apparently it was shown as an interstitial between shows and the mine would always turn the crank when the next program was about to start and i can't imagine the mind logos stuck around for all that long right like if feels like a very outdated idea to even be using a mime in the first place yeah it really was and the network changed logos a few times in those early years eventually they settled on this big silver pinball with the name of the channel ridden in rainbow letters and they with that until the iconic orange splat logo hit the cnn this was in one thousand nine hundred four all right so everybody can remember that one everybody that watch tv in this generation so so how did that come about exactly because it is this strange transition to go for mind pinball to orange slime i wouldn't say it's a very clear cut progression yeah this land actually debuted on the networks i hit show you can't do that on television which we talked about earlier this series it started abroad in nineteen seventy nine but nickelodeon did begin airing it until i guess nineteen eightyone in the us and featured both scripted and improvised skits with a few adults and a rotating cast of teen actors or preteen actress actually and those were the first folks that were slide by nickelodeon so it that point so it was slime was a recurring part of the sketches i mean i feel like that would be hard to write in over and over again so that's the thing apparently the green slime was roger prices idea he was the show's creator any came up with a as kind of a punishment for whenever one of the kids would say i don't know during a sketch right i'm sure you remember that was the code word to get slammed and i always thought it was just like a fun joke but the phrase really got on his nerves and then price also took the dumping water on the actors whenever they said water but that was just because he thought it was funny i mean it was pretty fun exciting as a kid to see this happening and you have course would pretend to have these kinds of scenes at home or you'd say i don't know and pretend to dump slime each other it is funny that he came up with this idea just because the phrase got on his nerves it doesn't really sound like the type of guy you should be working with kids yeah and i think the network was more or less aware of that because the show actually had this rule where no parents were allowed onset and the kids weren't allowed to take scripts home with them either but to be fair when the cast started complaining about how frequently they were getting slammed in soaked price did start paying out bonuses of twenty five or fifty dollars for each slamming so these kids every time they got slime they would get an extra payment and it feels like maybe they would just start saying i don't know on purpose just like an extra fifty bucks but it also feels like a lot of effort just to keep the whole slime gag going i mean it was kind of out of necessity what's interesting is that you can't do that on television was pretty much all the network had going for it at this point and even that wasn't enough because one thousand nine hundred four the channel had lost four million dollars and they routinely finished last in ratings among cable channels i mean it's kinda surprising to look back because that was such a pop show that it it's hard to remember that there was a time where they weren't doing that well so to how did they manage to turn things around so this is so strange but the thing that actually turned it around was the slime or at least i guess this like wild messy attitude you know that's lime represents there was no other place on television where kids could see themselves acting up right alongside grownups or playing games joking around and of course making a huge mess as well and people at the network took notice of this appeal i mean this sounds dumb but that summer i was talking about threes in we all love nickelodeon so much was that instead of being something dished out and given to kids it actually felt inclusive like kids were part.

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