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With the two 70 spur off and I'll make your way past river road with nothing reported along that stretch of the roadway. Also seeing some volume coming from this bird in your democracy, headed to that point on the outer loop. Interleukin three 55 to Connecticut other than that everything else that was bugging the beltway has been cleared. Now on 66 eastbound we are seeing a delay approaching the beltway before the beltway, stay left to get by the wreck. Southbound 95 slows out of lorton and across the arkan northbound looks good from Fredericksburg into Springfield, no problems along three 95 in either direction. In Maryland, southbound two 70 near Watkins mill road had been a report of some debris in the roadway. Northbound three O one near mitchellville wrote in Queen Anne bridge road a report of a wreck. We also had bright and damn road closed east of New Hampshire avenue for a tree down in the roadway and New Hampshire avenue near crest haven drive was a report of a wreck. Northbound four near woodyard rotor after woodyard road, that was a report of a crash. If you're in the district southbound D.C. two 95, heavy B four benning had a past east capital street, no consoles passing Pennsylvania avenue where we had an earlier wreck, northbound in the third street tunnel delays headed toward New York avenue, the broken down vehicle on the left side, there is a tow truck on the scene. Celebrate with the U.S. Air Force on September 15th at Audi field, enjoy performances by multi platinum artist Andy grammer and flyovers by the thunderbirds free tickets at U.S. Air Force 75 dot com. I'm Rita Kessler WTO P traffic. Samara Theodore, with our forecast. Low 80s with a chance for an isolated shower thunderstorm as we head through the afternoon and evening hours tonight, some scattered showers are possible as well, with temperatures falling

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