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They're still there but so at one point he's talking about civil work and he said and I'm going to this is a direct quote from the president of United States eight. People don't realize you know the civil war. If you think about it why people don't ask that question but why was there the civil war why could that one not dot have been worked out. Wow I've changed my mind on this president. Trump guy yeah yeah yeah. That sounds really could Straw. We're starting to walk into the worked out. We could work that out. We can't work out this impeach a president thing yeah but we can work out. I you run into stuff like that. All the time like people like talking about trump as a younger man watching a history channel documentary about World War Two that referred to it as like five years the world lost their mind and I was like no wait a second There was released a couple of people who went crazy and then everybody else had a lot of trouble cleaning it up yeah. It's one of those like who's to say how it happened earlier. There's a role Tenenbaum's quote. We all know custer died at little bighorn but what I question is is what if what if what if he didn't like well I guess if you were there you would have fixed it. Is this whole like like all this movement of like forgiving the civil war for happening and like justifying it in the wrong way and then being like we we're GonNa do it again like even like Sousa Fascist propaganda made a film called death of a nation which is fascist propaganda. Talking Democrats are infringes on some copyrights Arthur Miller had but little bit little bit like clearly a reference the birth of a nation and it's so it's like all this imagery of like trump is the new lincoln. He's GonNa do another civil war. It's just this constant like wanting getting to do it this whole time you you can hear it when they in how they talk about it like there's this love and desire and need to like murder liberals and like you see these tweets in these people like oh you fucking what one they want it so bad so bad and they want to blame the other side for wanting it just like you. WanNa kill people say they were getting there. It's been really interesting. You're to watch I've been on the not popular side of of saying Okay Guys Gun control debates aside. Maybe now's not the time to disarm charm. people on the left may maybe now is the time to consider some some training and some of these things because it seems like we're heading in a bad direction and I saw Dave Anthony of the dollop who has been very very much pro gun control and whatnot recently put out a tweet along the lines of Maybe it's time for leftist to start arming themselves. I saw exactly and if you're someone who's considered that and you want some reading on the matter that's not at all propagandistic and not at all sort of like filled with jingoism and laying the traditional additionally sort of like a Hollywood bullshit. There's a great book by Scott Crow. WHO's an activist in Texas. I think currently called setting sites just a bunch of essays on the history of laboratory community thirty self defense really good book. Maybe maybe look into it again setting sites thanks. I G H T s solid book yeah. There's a there's two things I wanted to still get through on the fucking whistle blowing one of them is that we before we got on this digression because again this is like one giant with Beijing aged sixty minutes was like the the whistleblowers under federal protection because of all of the threats and then the whistle blowers attorney was like no he's Ni- they they must read this in USA. Today is still standing by the reporting we'd. I don't really know what confusing another confusing thing well another interesting thing. Thanks so the inspector general is sort of like the government watchdog. That's like kind of overseeing a large chunk of this because that's jobs doing with a whistle blower complaints. They not a very a political position. They do not make statements to the nation. That's really not their job. As a matter of fact their job is to kind of determine whether or not the whistle blowing complaint is like credible in the new that up the a chain and like but they are not not famous for their addressing of the World Press the president in several of his allies started to claim that the whistleblower whistle blower complaint was not credible because it was entirely based on hearsay and based on just things he'd heard from other people rather than than anything he had witnessed in the Inspector General's office made made a public statement saying that is not true at the whistle blower at least significance of what some of the whistle blower was saying was based on things the whistleblower witness so includes hearsay but it's not like he also talked to people but some of this he witnessed which means default. It's based on more than just the conversation that the Nada transcript transcript was released on because it means that because he definitely was not the whistle blower was not present for that other shit. There's just there's more more stuff coming and it's GONNA be coming out. The pipe really fast when it starts to gum. There's just going to be so much. It's more like sleep when it comes. Adam Shifts GonNa get hung when it showed me a headline of Pompeii accuses Democrats of impeachment bullying and I roll my eyes. Hey be best be the best. I never thought about it like that. God this is a good advice from my beautiful wife Melania who.

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