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Made to police by a former St Louis rams football player who randomly shot a woman good evening families rich came looks news time is ten oh five fifty four degrees downtown at the arch the full forecast said ten oh eight a former St Louis rams football player is behind bars in Colorado accused of attempted murder boulder caught county authorities a forty year old Justin Bannan fired one shot Wednesday inside a black lab sports in boulder the bullet struck a woman in the arm banning reportedly apologized to her afterwards saying he believed the Russian mafia was after him been in play defensive tackle for the rams in twenty eleven as one of six stops in an eleven year NFL career St Louis alderman are wrestling with whether to ban guns in city parks can waxes Kevin Kaline reports most all the men we talked to are in favor of the plan to put no guns allowed signs in city parks and then find offenders a hundred Bucks older woman Anne rice I think good guys with guns is a horrible fallacy event good guys with guns don't stop bad guys with that like that plan it's something that I I fundamentally disagree the promise of that book alderman branded Bosley says he sometimes carries a gun for his protection and would feel less safe in some city parks without it we all would love to live in a place where you don't have to feel like you have to carry a gun in especially around children when you're taking your kids to go play but that's unrealistic in a city where you have individuals that are shooting and don't give a damn about where the bullets are flying who they're hitting Kevin pulling Saluces news radio came away looking for ways to make Missouri's four largest city safe that's the goal of a conference today in Springfield the Lewis Marylander cruising along with her counterparts from Kansas city Columbia and Springfield are.

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