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Like everything else, 2020 taxes will be like no other years. So stay with us lots to talk about today. Financial Resolutions. Mike Connett, How are you? Ryan Herbert. Here we are. Second weekend in January brand New year, but things kind of still feel the same. How are you? Oh, my gosh. I just can't tell you how excited I am. 2020 is done, you know, and we are happy that it is behind us. But like every other new year we turn you know a new calendar over and we're talking about resolutions. Whether it's You know, wait laws. I'm going to join the Is that a college? I'm on the waistline. Is that it? Just never with you, Mike. But But but But with you, it's different because you are such an incredible Chef that it's kind of hard who await you and then being around you too, because you cook so good. Well, I said you made up for that way that way, But you're right. I mean, it's incredible. I mean, it's amazing. We hear and see all these commercials about all this resolutions that people wanted to, right. I mean, I see Jim commercials, health food commercials, you know, quality of life commercials. I mean, all these suits and quite frankly, all of them are good things to do, but From my perspective. Maybe it makes Justus much sense to take the same amount of time that you might do for whatever resolution you make. Take that same amount of time that you would commit to that resolution to making sure that resolution comes to fruition for yourself the same amount of time that you could spend on that over the next two or three weeks or months. How about spending that same amount of time on a resolution to get your financial affairs in order? Think about this? Take the same 5 to 10 hours over the next month or two to make sure the next 2030 or 40 years of your life. Spot on right because so many people just kind of show up at retirement, right? I see it all the time. They come into our office and like we had a great show on the radio. We saw you on television of, you know, a friend of mine gave you gave me your book. And it is great in there like we need to sit down and talk to you. And and Ryan and I are looking ourselves in like, you know, Dude, you're 70 years old. You haven't sat down with a financial planner. And they come in, and you know, it's like they have three annuities that bought from one guy and then literally this pot from somebody else. Some stocks from somebody some mutual funds that two different life insurance policies, and they literally have AH smorgasbord, but instead of it being on a tagging in or, you know, have a little Chinese food. You have a little Italian food. They have a little bit of, you know, Mediterranean food. They have a little bit of Russian food they have. I mean, it's just It's a massive and you can actually get a full meal out of it right now. You know what? My house we always have a complete meal, right? No, of course. But that's what your financial plan it should be like. You should have a comprehensive plan. And And I mean, think about this. If you're in the position right now, where? Where you recognized what I just said. If you recognize that look, you know, I haven't talked to a financial planner. I'm talking to some adviser Now. He doesn't even understand my taxes. I haven't had my state plan looked at in five or 10 years or since the last time I actually drafted it. I haven't had any of those things done. If you have multiple accounts scattered all over the place, and nothing's comprehensive, cohesive. You need to give us a call..

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