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Bill hassell men talking about triple a prospects is is what you got there and i'm i i have become very optimistic people say it's not just about one player but justin turner is heart and soul guy is a very overused expression but justin turner is absolutely the heart and soul and they turn some type of a corner in washington because in one of those games the games the game that sure's her pitch i think it was the second game on saturday night game yeah they were losing i think they were down ford it one in the eighth and they got him run and then they got another run and then in the ninth hetty had a two run double into the corner in those were the hits they weren't getting earlier in the sim by the way they're facing max scherzer richhill leaves after two pitches i mean it was all that had loss written all over and they found a way to one that win that game that was the one that we're the dodgers got eight and two thirds innings of of one run baseball and then tony san granny blew up a little bit daniel heads high a little bit you have you have stalled long enough tonight in cleveland is game for it is boston at cleveland right boston at cleveland you have hit five of the six conference finals games if you hit this one you've tied me but i don't think you've ever had the lead if you bet enough money if you bet what you've been betting you've been five grand tonight five grand disciplined better this'll blin mythical better hit this for the first time you'll be solo first place this is a very large wager both figuratively and for momentum here it is john this.

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