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Same logistics return policies in place. What does that actually mean for. How shop this holiday season the best deal wireless can only be found at mit mobile right now. When you switch to mint mobile and by any three month plan you'll get another three months for free as the first company to sell premium wireless service online only mobile. Let's you safely order from home and maximize your savings plan. Starting at just fifteen bucks a month. I've been using mint mobile long before this holiday deal. And i have to say it's the perfect time to switch. It's the best service i've ever gotten in my house and coverage everywhere has been great and they're good to go with five g all plans come with unlimited talk and text plus high speed data delivered on the nation's largest five g network. Use your own phone with any mint mobile plan and keep your same phone number along with all your existing contacts and if you're not one hundred percent satisfied mint mobile. Has you covered with their seven day. Money back guarantee switched to mint mobile and get premium wireless service starting at just fifteen bucks a month for a limited time by any three month mint mobile plan and get three more months free by going to mint mobile dot com slash ride. That's mint mobile. Dot com slash. Ride your wireless bill to fifteen bucks a month at mint mobile dot com slash ride. You know what makes this time of year truly wonderful. It's the music. And i'm getting my holiday music fixed with amazon music. I've actually been an amazon music users. Since i got my first echo. What was that six years ago. Now it literally is.

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