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And there is now the potential of a two year budget deal and while it spans a half a trillion dollars more that we don't have it does not address the four trillion dollar deficit that we have in infrastructure um maintenance and enhancement and i ask you as your financial planner ever suggested to you that you plan for the future two weeks at a time as our government has been doing careening from one continuing resolution to another i can hear you laughing out loud out there but i'm going to ask you why do we tolerate a government that operates two weeks to him or a month at a time and and so we should may be clap once for the senate where they've been negotiating the outlines of a twoyear deal now this is not this is not a new budget this is a two year continuing resolution while they tell us they will work on a real budget and if you're holding their breath by wouldn't that is for a new budget so here's the problem we're going to add a total of five hundred billion dollars to the baseline budget of the united states and maybe one day we ought to stop and talk about the real consequences of baseline budget in verses what we really should do which is a zerobased budget but like i said that's a subject for another day it's a big subject in and of itself so here's where we are we are going to add five hundred billion dollars in addition to the one point five trillion dollar increase to our debt that will result from the 2017 tax cut build bill and the consequences will be an annual deficit of nearly a trillion dollars guarding this year and continuing as far as the i can see and i want you to think about that a trillion dollar annual deficits while we go to commercial imagine america with joyce kordi for more information on today's topic visit re imagine america dot org we imagine america will continue in just a moment on eight sixty am the answer.

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