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I know very naughty i'm a retired i don't do that don't rock to me about sweep data's either i liza sweet potato you know i i joe it quite a bit of money to nation of islam there being game now i will make my own i can you make us of being pie no yeah leo frank frank wants to title ix never even hardwired of beans use wellbeings reckoning through a kidney beans likes to say com i i like three r e one it's a lot like pick i love a good become by i came to like become the i remember that you know sometimes you just have food moments where you remember like where you were in what you were doing when you taste and this was a peak comply and my cousins a party this mom was added to emma durant out and he was having a pop party and i was like 13 or twelve or thirteen here uh and i must have asu bri and i saw the combi never had a four tried it and just was like what is up what is that you i don't know deliver your pizza carmel valley yeah it's it's the burger garbled routes gelling alliances that when you make a pledge cake it's the same things like water and vacate under the name wits good it's really easy to you i should make one of those in need ice cream at the jug by hot out of the oven you put water and and brown sugar on top of that and as a big sum the oven it incorporates the foot shortcut like wet smart what are you doing for thanksgiving i think the families getting together um we already we already mirror patients we do the restaurant roze of 'cause we we have a my little my niece she's actually my cousin so that were saying last night we'll have said together at stevens birthday dinner were saying i might be about your son also crash japanese and japanese as you go near her um and uh so we we're not sure they're gonna come or because she has a birth that rate uh but anyway would we got this past but what we did on friday though is probably little more important or more unusual as the annual loophole i saw there you post that we you.

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