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Right. I'm wrong. You're right. I'm stupid. You're smart. I wouldn't go that ugly. Now, you're done. You're really good-looking. Now, it's now it's just lie. Was he thought it was Kobe king the weak side of the blood? Winston gets it the point on the Spartan inbounds jump stop in the paint. Pivots back inside now steps underneath a lean forward and gets it in a patient move by caches Winston against a bigger player. He's like a goal. Picture yourself a golfer. That's not great petite. Right. He doesn't hit it. But he's got the fifty eight to fifty five all the different ledges. He's got all the shots. He can she hit it out of the woods. That's cash Winston every trick in the bag half. Double team gives it up to Kobe. Coby king has seven off the bench for Greg guard as he brings home the three from the left side on a good pass against the double team by half. First time. He's seen one today. A real hard double team. But is. Four and fifteen left in the first half, Michigan state with the lead over Wisconsin. But it's down to eleven turnover. Here mcquaid has taken away by half half behind his back. The Davison Davidson fakes three. Now. Skips it in the right corner. William four download the hap- half working on board. One on one head fake inside lost it wards gonna take it away. Ward held his ground after has got away with a swipe of the basketball that good about a foul. Instead, it's a head to Winston for the Spartans Winston to mcquaid right corner. Now back to the court. Offense foul is going to be called on Nick ward. As Brad Davidson ran into essentially the side of the United Center, man. Holy cow. That was a legal screen in a really good one. That was called a movement pick. Wow. Twenty nine eighteen Michigan state with elite a time out of Chicago. You're listening to the big ten tournament on compass media networks, this is NCAA basketball. What's up sports fans today.

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