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Hi it's freezing here. That's what you said Last week guess what. It's like seventy two degrees here in the Angeles it. You WanNa go somewhere warm. I could live over here. I can deal with that traffic hard last night. No not at all. Actually it was in bed by eleven o'clock but I'm old mad now. I saw your post about having slippers. Brazil the bed about me but I've had slippers by the bed like since college. Do you remember entirely factory. Like I feel like GRANDPA had slivers the bed totally. What's here's the thing? UGH sent us two pairs the high boots and then also like these slip. On's I know multiple pairs of slippers. Which means I have choices about my leisurewear which is not good? You Know I. I have choices I love it. It's a game changer. Once you get into the slipper life like I've a pair of slippers by the door for me to walk outside. Make the dogs go to the bathroom. They're like they're like outdoor slippers burgers. And then I have some that are only indoor slippers like. There's no excuse. I can't wear them outside and all and then I have a third pair that are like palpable slippers. That I can put in a suitcase. I WANNA WANNA travel with them. Wow I imagine like a an animated movie about the lives of those slippers and like the indoor slippers being so jealous of the outdoor slippers and the travel clippers being so snobby and be like well. I'm going to Paris this weekend. Oh yeah that's my life while welcome to the club. Slippers are one of my hair. Things would just go ahead and say it when it's cold like one hundred feet or are used to Being warm there's no going back. y'All I'm so excited to tell you guys about our new wtih sponsor glossy was that wells. You'RE GONNA have to take a back seat on this because I'm actually super passionate about this brand. I've been using glossier for like two to three years now. They came out with a makeup line that was actually like became really popular for getting the glory. Dewey skin look that's been all the rage for the past couple of years and and I've used their makeup products longtime. I love their cloud pain. I love their lip glosses and they also have skin care line that I am a big fan of love as I get older my skin gets drier and I've tried so many different phase washes over the years and I'm a huge fan of their Milky Jelly. Cleanser it's great because it's like a gel texture so I loved to keep it in the shower. I wash my face at at when I shower and I keep it in there because it takes my makeup off Without having to use something separate Britt. It doesn't stick my eyes when I use it in the shower like it really is such a great product. One of my favorite things about this brand is their cruelty free which you guys know I love and and also their packaging is so beautiful it stuff that I can leave sitting out on my bathroom counter and it actually doubles as home accessories. Like for my bathroom and it looks so good cited to try some of their other products that they sent me. Recently they have Some skin serums. That look really awesome. And I'm really excited to try it so I I really do. Love love this brand. I'm really pumped that. They've partnered with us. Yeah get that glow E. Dewey's skin for yourself by visiting glossy dot com slash podcast slash Y. F.. Not Everything is dermatologist. Tested.

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