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One zero six point seven k r o q and this is the Kevin and bean show. The return to the dog leaves. I have a sixteen year old that I can't even pay to watch the windows. Yeah. It's odd. It's odd that there's somebody that stat accomplished at sixteen. That's crazy. I was when I was sixteen. I was where I don't know what it was. I was like a young Cornelius Vanderbilt's good. I was hustling. I would go out. And I would I grew up in New York. So in the fall, I would rake leaves, and they I would have people pay me by the bag, and I'm really fifty cents a bag, but then I would take the bags, and I would put like couple of handfuls leaves that I blow it up with air. And then I just seal it and then. Curb? And then the wind would kick up later. I hope it all go wrong in the street. Limitations is up because that seems a legal. Yeah. Dr Schaffer is gonna come after did you ever go to somebody's house and do that first? And then go you owe me, and they're like, I don't even we didn't ask you to do that. Oh, I see the mafia. Yeah. I did you a favor. Right. Exactly. Yeah. And then we'd shovel snow in the winter. And then I would caddy look at us for having this one. I was like thirteen years old fourteen years old working pretty hard. I mean, you somehow you your family and silty work ethic in you that continues to this day because you're very busy now even with a bunch of shows and podcasts and everything and live appearances. And everything else, you do, you know, I shot article the other day, and it's it's it runs frequently about how young people don't have jobs anymore. Yeah. I don't know what this attorney. No, get off my lawn type of thing. But like you you rarely see teenagers working at McDonalds anymore because it's beneath them. They don't want to work at McDonald's. I'm not gonna do fast food. So they end up pirate adults for those jobs. Right. And I just remember when I was a teenager. I had four jobs at one time, and I was a teenager. I mean that was hustling like you or I had a I had a job cleaning the church on Saturday nights. For instance. Collection money joke just to set up the chairs and everything like that for Sunday school and everything the next morning. You know what? Bop, and all the all the floor. I mean, that's the catch. I worked at a drug store, and I had another job where I was babysitting. I just had a crash on the corner as a teenager, you had access to drugs and commute communal wine. Now, you're making me feel like I wasted. What do you do with your time off, Greg when it happens? What what's your relax Asian? Are you a lay on the beach guy? You know, I live in Venice beach. So I actually go to the beach a lot we go down there. And we play paddle tennis, which is like it's a tennis court that's half the size of a normal tennis court. And then you pop the tennis ball, and you play with these small wooden paddles, and and we will play against it's all these locals. They're like, they're not homeless per se. But they will play paddle tennis. And then shower at the outdoor showers, by the beach, and they seem to be there twelve to fourteen hours a day. Outdoorsy? Enjoy the outdoors. A nicer word for homeless people. Are they really good at it there? Amazing now, you can't be so because they're all the time. Yeah. And they hustle by giving lessons, and then they sell paddles out of the trunk. Yeah hustle. Yeah. And they have no idea that you're a famous podcast actor writer all that. Right. Well, that's the problem is most people don't. So when you came this lag. Very few people know, I'm famous. I think we're all. I know who you are trying to work my way through that sentence. I'm not famous, but I'm well known. And I'd rather be well-known like being famous is like, you know, getti- strangers putting you in a headlock to take a selfie. Here's what I get like every other day. I'll be walking down the street, and then somebody will walk towards me. And they'll look at me, and they'll squint and then they'll just look away and shake their head. That's it. So do they recognize you from something, but can't place it or do? They know who you are. They it's a vague. Like didn't I see him for thirteen seconds on best week every decade ago? And then I was in JFK a few weeks ago at the at the JetBlue terminal wait for my flight. And and all of a sudden this like chunky, nerdy guys all out of breath, and he comes running up to meet he goes, he goes there. You are. And I go there. I am. And he goes I knew you were nearby because I was looking for WI fi on my phone and under personal hotspots. It said Greg Fitzsimmons. In the area. And I looked everywhere. And there you are. And I went get the hell away. Burn the phone burned. Jack, have you ever sent pictures to everybody's iphone that shows up on your on your? Yeah, they have to accept that. Or not. By the way, they still see the picture while they're decided to accept or decline. Dear john. I'm just saying. I'm just saying the pictures aren't that big? Yeah. But it's good. I I like I like I've been doing this for this my thirtieth year. Doing the comedy thing. Why aren't you better at it? Look, we all can't go up at the April Fools and kill like Eli slash singer. Kidding? You know, and and I still have friends back at home in New York. And they're like say you still still out there in Hollywood trying to get that break. I'm like get a break. I own a home in Venice. I've got a wife and a kid the two kids. I should. Red you ever Prius. I'm dead inside..

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