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Seven Children. The White House maintains President Biden's directive that employers Make coronavirus vaccines mandatory for businesses with 100 employees, they say will stand up to legal challenges. And, you know, a data shows the meteorological Summer, June, July and August in the U. S was the hardest on record. You're listening to ABC News News. Radio time is nine to a jury has found a former Denver Broncos guilty of attempted murder. Former defensive tackle Justin Bannon was accused of shooting a woman in the shoulder in Boulder in 2019. He shot the woman after saying the Russian mafia was after him. Bannon's defense team said Bannon's long football career and concussions caused a mental condition that lead to paranoia. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. Laura Hatch killing NewsRadio. If you're not vaccinated against Covid 19. The numbers are not in your favor, and Colorado state epidemiologist Dr Rachel Hurley says the unvaccinated or filling up Colorado hospitals. Colorado's hospitals are reporting that 81% of currently hospitalized patients are unvaccinated and many of the unvaccinated do not survive. 85% of Colorado's recent deaths were among unvaccinated individuals, she says, largely pushed by the unvaccinated. Colorado's daily case. Count is now about 2100. Made of steel salvaged from the twin towers in New York. A 9 11 memorial now stands outside Firehouse. 35 a. D I A Denver deputy director of safety Mary.

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