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It's not had a Christmas party. Where literally one person wasn't a gay guy. Everyone else was like game invited. 'cause I always think you don't like me I here but I it's. It's like hot and cold with you like I feel like a lot of drama channels. Not that you're drama channel. Velodrome feels like that. They say like like not talk shit but I like more than like you. I respect you. Oh I'm inspired by way of myself in you and a lot of myself. I don't see I always loved you. Oh my God I remember because you'll always be I kind of because you were like the first social media like star for doing. It's not like you did stuff. You didn't do things anymore. That word influence or exist. That's crazy 'cause I remember those just like you and I feel like who's the other Guy Nick Ritchie had. A site to he was after me was he. Is He still around no well? He's got a baby with Shayne. Lamas yeah and I don't know how he's making money but his websites not around anymore. Dirtyjohn around so many of those closed. What about like just Jarrett? He's kind of like you're still around but he's never he made. He was very different from the Nice Guy. And you're also faceless like there's not like a face attached. Yeah you're like a brand right now. I just do so many different things to. It's one of my biggest. Inspirations in life and I like to be fully honest and transparent you would think sixteen years later I could coast or be lazy but I can't because I don't have money in the bank which is why I asked you. Do you own this place. Yeah you saving Tricia. I don't think I always ask you. Impose your birth control no and you want to know the real let me hear. What was I m? I have obsessive tendencies? Plus I'm unhealthily obsessed with Tick Tock to the point of look at. How many finished videos I have in my drafts? Two hundred sixty eight. Why am I don't WanNa post too many in one day so I set my alarm for every two hours and I put one up? Every two hours view are fucking crazy instead of posting like to every two hour post eight a day or you're buying a girl is huge ten hot dude model. I was uploading and then the following shows up. Oh God I see okay now. You're uploading it might take a minute with the WIFI. It's all good. But see that's why you're gonNA keep up with like everything like you're on top. People refused to get on topical these youtubers. I don't want to get on it. I know I get like more views on. I think it went up like fifty thousand dollars in like a day I was like Oh this is where yeah I mean. I love see seeing the evolution of things like the hottest person in all of social media in two thousand twenty. That tick Tock Girl Charlie Maglio. Yeah and her boyfriend's also really happening to Hoti chase huts other names involved in. But what's interesting? Is that those that were big talk. Even just a year ago aren't big anymore. Who HAS BEEN HANS evolving? Changing the big stars were that Lauren. Great lost it Yang of and another big one. Was that Christine hostile fry. She's not got an only fans. Oh that's funny. Oh my God and she was promoting on that. You'll get in trouble for mix the two she did it. Really you can actually now include your link to only fans on your talk bio new. You can catch. She has hers on their reported that she would get deleted because they leave too much cleavage. Like they believe that you can check her profile after the wrong because sometimes literally like you can be thirteen to be on that site. You should be able to advertise. That's fucking weird. Okay well back the fuck you money because we're talking about this. So what did you do you own your house? I do but I made the mistake. I wouldn't call it a mistake. You know back when I was well I still am able to earn a decent living. Yeah however as the years have gone and I've had more kids I have more expenses right and my kids go to private school. Which is a choice. I get that right back when I didn't have kids and all of the money most of the money that I was making from everything. I was investing back into the website. Which kind of you do that to a lot of the money? You make you invest in your music videos hundred k. A video which is crazy. I know I wish I would've been invested less to be honest saved more but at least it makes me happy to know that you pay your people. You're not pulling toddrick hall now Toddrick. They love Toddrick. No that's a desk. I am pissed about that. 'cause I employ my dancers. I pay them full equity rate from a tour. Five hundred dollars a show. Two hundred and fifty for hersal Music Video Day rates. Faulk toddrick for not paying his dancers for fucking music videos. That's so bullshit those dancers. I know they get paid shit. And the answer's work the hardest. They're fucking bodies. Put through the ringer like I could see. Both sides you know. Nobody's forcing anybody to work for free. Anybody who works for freeze choosing to take the exposure if somebody's young and nude la. They're excited to do that. Pay Them fifty dollars gas something like that. I that taking. I think he's probably changed recently. Maybe he has no. The last video was freelancers. 'cause I know I'm so in that the ends world and like so many before they get pissed about it and like you said there's people will do it and that sucks because you know why it sucks for all the answers. I do work hard because they have to lower their rates now because a fucking people that have to do it for free so since we last met. You haven't been saving money. No I save it. So I'm I don't like talking about this but whatever it doesn't matter you can Google like my dad is a really smart investor. He's like a ton of money. My Dad has always been worth the money. Never gave me any money. But it's been worth a ton of money. He's all the company for like forty million dollars when I was like fourteen or something. He's always invested. He's done really well so I have a lot of. Smp Feature Contracts from per my dad's so he does it for me and so he has a system that makes money no matter what and so. That's why people think very frivolous because I am and I have a cushion but I still work really hard because at the end of the day like I still pay for my own shit like I pay for this data. Not as you get along. Yeah Yeah we get along good. I mean He. They obviously disagrees with a lot of stuff he always wants to help me and stuff and he's been smart with his money and so because your mom and sister live in Orange County. Yeah he lives in the San Diego area kind La Hoya area. So do you have any siblings? Besides your sister brother and he has a really busy job. I've never even heard of your. I told you because you talk about how your sister doesn't like to be on camera. All my brother doesn't like to either. Yeah we talked about it before but He lives in Colorado. Yeah so he doesn't get camera and like my dad doesn't like to be so just as you have children. Auntie Trivia Bids Chris Weird because it's like he's so like protected like it's very like all like I don't know we've always had a little bit of an issue just because I'm so when I go out people know me and they don't like the kids like being in the background. Cigarette sister have a job. She's my assistant. She is yeah. She's been fulltime since October. She she moved me as a whole pack. Everything up and I'm back to everything. Does she live with you to know? She doesn't my mom so mom and her mom's retired and of loggers well logged in like six months while she was some of her video. Yeah no she doesn't do that any doing eating video. This is so weird because like I'm so nostalgic I like doesn't seven and so being here with you. It's so funny that you're talking about my family was the wild yeah you. That's what I love. Geoffrey sorry sorry. Buddy was getting arrested in two thousand seven. We who what everybody who is getting arrested Nicole. Richie Khloe Kardashian Perez Hilton K. Sex Tape Britney being unwell. Oh Britney you're supporting her in the zone and I know for a fact. She doesn't run her instagram. And you're like she supports on. Its no she doesn't I know she doesn't know for a fact I'm going to get like she's said she's either. She's been lying then. Yeah she's under control on that conservative shops so going to end the zone is supporting that and support me and like talking about it. I'm the only one who stands up and talks about it. Well time I think just like Amanda Amanda is also under conservative. These conservative ships are reviewed and monitored by judges and outside independent observers who listen to what the medical professionals have to say who also talked to the patient. The person and I think it's clear that still under the conservative because she needs to simple as that. I know someone she invited over to. Her house actually has deal and she is just a story her. She invited over to her house and ashes. She was like totally abnormal. And she just wants to be out of the house but like they wouldn't let her leave what I heard. That's like fucking third hand story. I heard that that she's like she's fine. And she just like non allowed to leave. She's like totally fine. I'm just like once friends and talk to people from the outside World Brittany Albion Fried. I will be. I just want to be your friend. I wouldn't instagram. I do anything so I know that sounds so crazy. She's fuck off. We Love Britney Brittany. He knew her right. I met her a few times and I did. The circus tour opening video. Welcome Tha that's Kinda moment. One of them. I mean that was big and being in real time music video was also big. Joe So okay. So how did this all happens? Even come friends of these like celebrities and then like you talk shit about. I don't WanNa be afraid anymore. Like Lady Gaga. I couldn't even believe Riana. Yeah before she asked me to be in the music video. This is back when I was doing this. I don't do this anymore. But it hasn't actually happened in a long time. Well it still happens but I don't I just don't do it anymore you know it. A- also did seem to happen way more back in the day a lot of celebrity naked photos and things like that. I would post them. Oh so there were. Some random naked photos are leaked and I posted. Oh though I'm a huge fan we. Why did you post them? You just thought to pose naked ugly wasn't it? Yeah but I don't do it anymore. So Yeah A and if it was legal it right anyways. Yeah but she then asked me to be in the music video. Despite the fact that I did that which is really cool. Or maybe because he did. It was like controversy ballsy of her. Yes what you talk about my sex photos. I'M GONNA put you're GONNA SEM video. What were you like you were like collard me up and walked me around like her dog and then tied me up again in a room with all these drag Queens. It was the very first season of drag race before it even blue Me and all these drag race girls only had. It was Kinda matter if she's dragging around like a dog. That's like saying your dog and then Britney did the same thing too. When I went to see her in Vegas I was the guy that show up for freak show. Oh shut walked me around like a dog Ben too. I like that. So that's kind of like a little bit right here. I'll happily Brittany's better. I love it. I love what does the degradation that that word degrading? You got that right. Wow so smart okay. Well back to. I want to know about this. Why you branded like you know. How like definitely has cosmetics? Chain has murtaugh never like did a branding because as you said probably a lot of brands were afraid of.

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