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That now. We're talking one of nice lady for the fireworks. I am expecting those phones. The ring off the hook for you. Especially when i put the cameras out greg. Yeah yeah all right. We'll we'll talk more about that next okay a girl. That's kinda like alley right. Yeah hair when let's start. It's a good start. Do you want one. it's alive. yeah okay. so she's got to be alive. Kid chris show. Tbn he's a listener of wb and has been for a while and he's here to He wants to meet women and i. Of course this is the one stop shop for ladies and we want to get him. Some action likes long walks on the riverside. Is that true. He likes goldstar. Ideally the the cheese coney we found out he likes cookies and cream. Ice cream so graders or udf. Malts will do milkshakes and make regular big next day. Also what else. We learned that You have a specific type of woman. You like ahead explain. Let me say a pitcher. Just want alley. Yeah but but you like sin women so so you don't want anybody that stick dick. He'll take thick he doesn't care that's what it said yearbook is good. I'm eating at breathing alive right. Yeah okay in your fifty one years old. Yeah does she like rock music. Music is a bonding moment was less. I'm you made passionate love to a woman. Who was she just somebody from school or what. Don't care some check yeah. You don't remember her name. Yeah that was a hit and run or do you ever relationship with her head. Run craig mack. Are you a pimp. No no no respectable man. You like the romance. So a woman is she if she deserves it. Is that what you said. And she did the right thing. I in a relationship is a two-way street. What is it. What is a romantic situation for you. Craig mack what can you offer this woman. Well what could she offer him. It's a two way street You already said he will Take her on a date. We could walk okay. We could take us right. But what tickles your fancy craig. Mack what would make you fall in love with a woman her. Be nice to me okay. Well then you're out. You're looking for a girl. You're toast a nice cal. There are lots of nice gales out. There is allie. Nice gal is alley somebody. If you're out somewhere would you approach her. And put the craig mack skills down on her. What would you pick up line be. Are you tired because you wrentham online. All oh oh. That's not a good run a lot. So wow did that work ellie. Is there a little bit of a tingle. keep the loans. Open there open mary. I am today husband's very upset. So it's it'll be. We'll have a conversation with him later. He'll be okay. He'll be fine. He'll be fine so creative both. You're the boss greg. And he's a smart man who the relationship who is the boss. You are the woman they saw this guy look at. They're gonna answer. He's ready for a good. Are you ready for a committed. You want to be in a committed relationship flame somewhere. He wants a committed relationship relationship. Look if the ladies wanna come up and and You know maybe entertained craig mack. At some point he is very turned on by Like bikini girls in in Hula hooping and stuff. You know something sexy. I'll i'm willing to give front row to western southern wbz fireworks entertain craig. Mack here in the wbz studios. What do you want for jordan taller. Why do you call then. Hang up my pickup. So i'm willing to give those for you. Craig mack a girl you know a couple of girls or whatever that hookup to entertain you. Okay it'll be the time to shine. Hello caller definitely people hanging out. I don't craig you're striking out with the ladies comeback inside. You're making people nervous allies. Hello i'm willing to give up. What do you want us that work in math. You called us. Oh hey what craig mackel. Now he's right here. he's listening. Asking i pickup is trash. I in bellevue. I will comb whatever he needs to go on. Wow oh you got a lot of friends at bellevue. Prac- someone up by one. Turn on your radio dollars dollars man. I'll take you wherever you need to go. How how about that date. So if we secure date for you drive you and your date to wherever you need to go. Yeah thank you yeah. That's very nice you do but you know. Nobody's calling day today tom. I got the cameras on and everything so this is just the well the offers out there craig back just for you know you love sexy ladies and stuff and i'm with you on that is if somebody You know some ladies wanna come up and do that thing that you Are were proposing in the studio here. Hula-hoop bikinis whatever for you You know i'm willing to give up some of our stash of The front row tickets at western southern wbz fireworks for some ladies. To help you out and you'll be rocketed and a cool t-shirt it's not really looking good for you. This is hello caller. Be all guys keillor. Getting cold feet. Yeah the caller you're on the air you're talking with craig. Mack was up. I that's It's negative cookie nickerson. We have over here. Yeah we haven't talked to you a while. I don't fill up ground above ground. Yeah now. Kate baraga taffy. Yeah yeah well craig. Bax rep kentucky. man. I gave man. I wish he hooked me up. I can't even hook up. craig mack. Good.

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