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The Montgomery stuff hit in same thing with coral Patterson I think those two guys what we put in positions to make some big plays tomorrow night so I think we'll probably have a little talk about both those guys on Friday morning yeah given the gun we went really early in our draft in round two Dan leader a man who knows yeah that was because I was thinking about grabbing them very early but he went before Antonio brown and Mike Evans that's how much people are valuing what Dave in the government could do especially in a P. B. R. Lee by white by the way Mike Evans part of the one at that school is that that's you nice thanks hi JD thank kill thanks already answered back to discuss quick public service announcement if you guys have a mention are. ready other bears are really stressing get there early tomorrow I mean it's gonna be a disk going to be a zoo was street closures and getting around the stadium do not wait until four or five o'clock to start heading out to the stadium you will not make it for kick off right you don't you think it's so I understand what you're doing don't have stage fright when you get out there and they're like you're filming. no stage fright have everything ready prepared out in advance because there's going to be it's just gonna be it's gonna be a mad house so yeah great good stuff yeah yeah hi guys the others Jeff Dickerson all over there so far there's been so much stuff was super fans paid manning did something with the super fans for ESPN this is from NBC there's a whole bit between Brad farms and the super fans and this is where at Soldier Field again thanks outside Soldier Field right yes outside yeah so I take a listen to this courtesy.

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