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Without. Cohen. But he faced the colts in the buccaneers I. Mean we last week on the show I said he was going to have another game just like the colts game no rushing efficiency. We have to count on his passing game work increasing but the Colton bucks of the maybe the two best run stopping teams in the League is certainly in the top five. So we expected that low end deficiency as a rusher, but the volume's not going anywhere he's still going. To get most of the carries and against average or poor run defense, he's going to be more productive. He said a career high two weeks ago and targets with six. He said another career high last week with eight. So he's being used in that department more than he ever has in his career much like Joe Mixon the past couple of weeks other throwing a him or that's huge for fantasy, and here's the most important thing about this week the panthers. They're selling out to stop the pass. Guests have been better than expected against the pass. They're not stopping the run at all and came on shorts out for the season right now it gets even worse. They've had the most fantasy points are running back to the most touchdowns with nine already the fourth most yards and the most receptions, which again comes in handy here as we mentioned, he's being used more department. So Montgomery if this is a competitive game could have twenty-five touches in this game he catch six passes have seventeen or eighteen carries NBA, the top scoring fantasy running back. It's all there for them. The opportunity is right there for them if they don't somehow sneak in there and take. On Bell which by the way seems like one of the best fits maybe the best fit for but doesn't sound like. That's going to happen that it does not sound like it's GonNa Happen You know what I'm GonNa. Do Daniel. If if Montgomery as a dud on Sunday, you normally do what I'm going to call my clay up on facetime Yup I'm GonNa say you'd better facetime pickup right now I'm GonNa go You David. David for those that are not watching now live Mike Claes, rocket a shirt all shirts today. Great stand up, show the mass working with or yeah. There you go. Maybe stand up a little bit. For. Those. unacquainted with the Great Shits Creek. But I say award-winning like basically every award they want every emmy every emmy almost quite literally every ever. Yeah Amazing Beveren emmys. Yes. Daniels Middle Name is David. So i. felt it appropriate because you find that shirt online on the I did some searching on Amazon. There's a lot of. Ability Shits Creek store. Now can go is stuff to some other versions of this. Show. What a fantastic show phenomenal go watch it if you haven't already or go watch it if you already have appropriate saying a lot of good things about Dave Montgomery wearing an David shirts. Time now for IBM Smart Lineup Decisions and I have a player that mentioned just a little while ago who is back his name was Cam Newton. Came into the top five quarterback play this week and you know with Cam, there are probably. Innumerable stats that you could use to support the case for cameras the top five quarterback play. Sometimes, it's going to be what's most likely to happen based off of a ten year sample size with Cam right and if he has shown anything though these three starts at he has had said he is very much still an elite fantasy quarterback might be. I think in some ways, we're still going to real quarterback as well. The answer to the Patriots question about how they would replace Tom Brady. He's been a top six quarterback and two of his three starts. He's been the best goal line runner on their roster and one of the best goldline runners probably in football again, this year and if you look. At how the Broncos have shaped up defensively this year they've just been so decimated by injuries in the front seven, not just von Miller Draymond Jones where their starting defensive tackles. He's on I are they play linebackers on I? Are they have been all sorts of banged up on that front seven which leads me to believe the Patriots are going to. Adopt a similar game plan if they did against the raiders when we last saw them play at home, which was run the ball for two hundred and fifty yards if they can and I think Cam Newton cashes them with the rushing touchdown on Sunday. Yeah. I like I thought this was really kind of a funny thing when looking looking this up here. Cam Right now third now, keeping my most quarterbacks played five games for cams third quarterback and carries fourth in rushing yards second in rushing touchdowns suddenly appeared in three games. One of those didn't go too well. So how about that? That's interesting by the way Denver seventh most fantasy points line to quarterbacks, and they allowed a six carry eighty, four, one touchdown rushing performance to Sam darnold. Remember that know and now you. Get Cam Newton it's GonNa be a little tougher. So I'm with you I. Mean I've ranked a little lower, but he's starter cam also he has two touchdown passes on ninety one attempts this season again as Mike was saying the beginning of the show like still small sample size early in year, he's played three games in one game nikiel Harry fumbled the ball at the six inch line if he just has. A little bit more of a Gogo gadget arm got three touchdown passes and then came in the Seattle game I understand that it was a rushing attempt. But if hurdles just a little bit higher, he has yet another rushing touchdown. We might be talking about cameras, the number, one quarterback and fancy this week with Russell Wilson on a by and my guess maybe that Buffalo. Defense. Is quite a scary as it was last year for Patrick Mahomes to face. All right. So great up there in the rankings. But then before we turn to a few social questions, other stuff for mind, I'll get to that second. But before we get to that.

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