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And and he's still in. He's in his mid nineties today. He still goes to work every day. And every time he and i you know get together which is two or three times year so now going on twenty five years. He asked me if i'm going to retire and i said melanie's like that's good because my friends who retired they're not doing very well and look at me. I'm still doing okay. And i think you ought to think about it and i look around my friends. Who are in their in their seventies and eighties Who were still working. Which means there's still mentoring me. And and they're having just as much fun today intellectually as they were when i met them twenty or thirty years ago and so it's it's just a reminder that there's always something new to do and and it's i mean if you find that right reason to get up in the morning and go hit you know it's that's what matters right Vaguely could just as easily be a hobby. Doesn't have to be building business. That just happens to be my hobby. Sure yeah and it's so. I'm it's interesting. You say that. Because i always think of myself as someone who is not going to retire because i feel like there's always some new. There's always going to be some new challenge in front of me. That's that i'm curious about that. I wanna pursue whether it leads to money or not is sort of a second second thing for me but but it's also but retirement is something that you know. There's a lot of inertia towards there's a whole industry you know. Sort of sort of makes makes whole whole industry and insurance industry. Actually that makes you know. Retirement seem like the holy grail. Just get there the great. And i'm sure for some people that's exactly the way it turns out and then i feel like there's a lot of other people who get there and they're like this is it. This is what you know. I've been saving for. This is what i've been putting off other stuff in my life or to get here and then it's like wow and then and then they become a volunteer grier at walmart. Yeah where they or they lose purpose. You know they lose purpose like you said. Your mentor said about some of his friends. You know when you don't have a future to look forward to you you know you're stuck say in the past and it's it's interesting but right you know but right now is such an interesting time in the history of business because technology is so available and so inexpensive to so many different businesses. There are things that and by the way as another reason that i wanted to kind of move on from argo is. Is you know companies in iran. A long-time have a lot of legacy systems as well as those liabilities that we talked about on the balance..

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