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The briefcase and then Goldberg actually had an Cashes in on Goldberg? Yeah. Yep. As I'd be down for that, right? Who cashes in our riddle, a riddle. Cuz I have that for you. That would be hilarious but not touch any allergies. No chance. I'm not a fan, of course it's but if that happens off, watch is going to be the biggest baby face in the company. Oh for sure. It's going to fucking one Goldberg to win so beat Roman then, maybe who Goldberg he already fought him? Didn't they fight? No doubt they didn't. That's right, covid-19. That, oh, maybe that was the best thing about covid-19. That match know, maybe that's who you'll come back and showed him and say, well, hey, we know Roman will win that match, you know? So, and also according to Dave Meltzer, WWE is still hoping to have Roman Reigns versus The Rock Main Event WrestleMania next year. However, they might end up doing a tag team match in order to lower the chances of rock getting injured and delaying his next film. So it might agree to do it, but only, if it's a tag team match to it and it's like really dead. Your main event, right? Is this is, how is Rock Hill or Roman face? No. Romans the he'll still do you like to do it? You're like, they'll each have a noose with them? It's like the wrong. So, and then Roman, when they really can do that, that would be terrible. Fuck this and fuck you. Yeah, that would really be bad. Yeah. All right. Trivia time. Do we have live? I'm sorry, you have a rumor. So, the rumor was that the Bailey injured? Yeah, yeah. Doing at the performance center doing, Vince, McMahon's theme mandated like, get the rust off for crowds, okay? Like he wanted people to go to the performance trainers. Oh, Center, and relearn how to like be in front of them and that's apparently where she got injured. Yeah, great job Vince. Great job anyway. Trivia. So how many times can you beat the women's tag Champs and not get the job? I'm going to say at least two I guess we'll find out but I'm going to say for yeah it's at least two. Yeah. It's at least two I mean we'll see right. Yeah. All right Vin questions. Let's pull it up. Fan questions are first fan questions, back in front of fan. How many you have, do you have? I don't know. Okay, you nice song Jake Baker, where the fuck was Joe? Well, he explained himself, but yeah, I understand Mike Dawes. Did you notice any pumped In Crowd noise? Also, your auntie a bunch know. I mean, the crowd was pretty awful. I was I don't think it was pumped. Yeah, it's pretty hot. Justin Stewart is Andrew sick. That has to be the only explanation, why he didn't look as hyped up, right? I made some I was making Faith the whole night. There was one part where I had some nachos cuz I was starving, so I was sitting down. But yeah, other than that it's got an excited for raw face and excited for Smackdown face. That's right, Joey montage. The wise finback this guy sucks and he's just going to flop. Like always, he stinks and I don't like him. Wow unpopular opinion. Wow. Wow, wow, seriously that's Bowl. Joey cheese. Yeah, I'm here's what happened to the empty spot, the woman's mind, the Bank match that they just fill it, with fucking Natalia know. They filled it with fucking Natalia and fucking to Mena. Yeah, yeah, yeah. De Mina was the last one. If you don't follow them Twitter, then you're not going to know. Now, the way to find out, sorry, Stephen Stafford. Who would you like to see break Honky Tonk man's? I c Championship record of days held down that he had a? He had it for like over a year and I'm sure. Yeah, I seen him in 3 minutes. Right? Johnny Gargano, should anyone hold it that way, you know. But that's a title song title runs now. Yeah, I don't like, especially for the IC title. Yeah, or the universal. Yeah, Joseph railing with Smackdown worth watching. I have it on the page. It's been Balor. I mean a spoiler alert. You let just good. Yeah, we're their first match and last match. Yeah, Carlos Ramirez. Can you guys get me tickets to Raw on October 25th? It's on my birthday? Well, we don't, we don't, we're not in charge of getting tickets. Yeah, sure. How we would do that. But, good luck to you. Yeah, Roz, Roz going to be here in October. Yeah. October twenty-fifth, quick little turn around there. Yeah. If you live in Houston with Brandon Hill, I am new to patreon and fairly new to wrestling. I only started in 2017. Just when it started to suck, why don't you even start then? But I also found your broadcast Brennan. Now, restarting your podcast right now and I have finished the entire year of 2020. Yeah, I'm mid 2019. And you guys kind of like the show? Surprisingly, well, 2019, Dodge Neon. Bulshit was ambushed the year of Owens. Was that 2018? The year of Owens was 2016. Oh, Jesus. Yeah. Okay. Well those were good shows. I mean twenty-six Teen was Stephen. Becky one, the rumbles. So all right and we wanted to happen. Yeah and WrestleMania was pretty good that year right? Joseph Henry pushed Fireberry head of creative or Eric Bischoff. Vince Russo, Jim cornette I'm pushing Jim cornette cuz he's never been head of WWE. Creative ability to fucking crazy. That's why I want. That's why I like about. I mean they're all crazy wage. All these guys are fucking crazy and I think Bischoff got a shot recently but well now I don't know the rest of them. Can I don't really care. I would bury Bischoff fiber's. Yeah, all right. So, yeah, culture junkie Eric, what kind of merchandise did you check out or C New tonight? I, I actually didn't buy any Merchant. What was that bad City? He had Street, USA is Thursday. See an ox or something. I don't know. I don't know. No idea what it's like a red shirt. Oh, I didn't really care for any of the shirts. Even the edge. Sure, like, I love Edge, but I don't like that shirt off. Yeah, I don't know, it's just underwhelmed. Andrew what would Stone Cold's response speed of incest in the fans? Where the hell have you been? Well say well God dang that's already got the same perhaps she took em out there play me a couple hundred thousand dollars. I'll check some Steve wiser and get this crowd pumped. Oh yeah, he tweeted they they were like, look at all the people tweeting and one was stone-cold, all he tweeted was awful. Yeah, yeah. And they try to make it seem like that. Had to do with Smackdown, like, he probably, he didn't even hashtag smash, he's probably watching like, Breaking Bad on Netflix, probably drunk on a tractor. Yeah, this photo I yeah. Well, God dang. Well God, a well Ganda Carolyn Holly. Who were you almost excited to see tonight's Edge Balor? Well, we had $6 when we didn't get Kevin Owens. Oh yeah. Morgan Allen, what's the maximum? You'd be willing to pay for a ticket in the front. Row, certainly depends on the show, but pay-per-view Jersey. Are so it is but right, two hundred two hundred dollars. Yeah. Yeah that's irrelevant Steven kochanowski. What music did Davey Boy? Smith Jr. Come out to Austin. Theories. Theories. That's not the way as music. No. No cuz that's not canon Kyle. Foxon. What are the chances that Vince McMahon legitimately didn't know where the fans weren't 83%? That's that sounds. Good job fair. Jeff Cain. Did Seth just end his chances at winning on Sunday by taking down the briefcase or yeah? Said Vaughn. Jetski bulshit video for Joseph being the haha comedy bullshit. Show for Smackdown was all, just a bunch of lies. Lies lies. Oh, they don't believe you were there because they didn't see..

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