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The legacy program was absolutely blown away by the effectiveness of it. And i knew it would be because obviously it's a it's a spur jordan ization and it's it's you know that trauma handled through jesus and he just comes into those dark places but as far as you know getting the opportunity to be able to serve in and it really is an honor to be here and to serve as the as the director development. It's something i certainly enjoyed doing. Which probably not a lot of people Would say would enjoy that right sought after job. It's really it's really. It's really not. But when i when i people ask me. How do you go do this. And i'm like well first thing i think about and and the truth is that you know. There's there's twenty two twenty two plus guys every single day and women who are struggling who this could be their last hope. And so when i think about going in and speaking to somebody and develop a relationship and that's really what i enjoy. I enjoy their relationship. Real relational side of of getting to do this and so the opportunity to walk in and to speak my passion about help doing my small part and helping to save the life of veterans. And i know it's done through jesus but but we also have work to do that. And so when i get to share the story of mighty oaks and chad and yours and and just throughout the program. You know it's really not that hard. It's really fun to do. Especially when the person sitting across from you is like minded and wants to help with that veteran cost so. It's an honor to do that. And i think a lot of people even sometimes within our organization miss what it actually takes to to make what we do work. Yeah and i it. You're right and you said that It's a relationship with christ. It's god working in the lives of people that make the difference. We know that You know there are stories. In the bible of of god illustrating jesus illustrating the importance of stewardship There's the story the talents. There's various stories in the new testament where jesus is trying to teach about the importance of stewarding. Well what he places in our hands. And when i consider the relationship that we as an organization have with those who were able to minister to. It's very much stewardship relationship. God does the work But he places some resources our hands that allow us to steward over that. And and into misunderstand. That i think is misunderstanding. The role that god allows us. He doesn't need a scrape but he allows us to play in serving people. That's what we should be doing absolutely and and that's what that's what makes it so special is because a serve the marine corps and served in business and i've met the most amazing people on the non-profit side and i made some pretty big deals. I've done some pretty awesome things that have allowed us to get me here today. And as i look back i just see the progression of this plan for your life and see somebody who wants to be engaged with mighty oaks and helps the life of a veteran and we're very clear it's not kevin. It's not jeremy it's not you know it's all done through. Jesus we understand that you know..

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