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On this day In 1979 Tomoe molest ceviche one say, Who is that? Who's that's not Jared Leto or or Shannon Leto? That's the love the Leto. Brothers of 30. Seconds to Mars. Well, there's another guy. Now in the band. That's that's him. It's his birthday today. And he gets a song for that. Sure. All right? Sure. Why not? Um, we've done worse. Mary Nichols is on the phone here. Hi, Mary. Hi. Happy Thursday. Thank you. Channel Two's very own. Mary Nichols, kutv on DH. You know, we think What's what should we talk with Mary about? And you know, it's always a safe bet that she'll want to talk about volleyball. Always. Yeah, well, no. Just the other day we were in the afternoon. We were watching that They're streaming but high school volleyball game online. You can watch your kids because they're not allowing a crowd to watch on this week. Yeah, and I was wondering, you know how that's going for you. Can you even tell which one's your daughter? So like, I wish I wish I could zoom in. I wish I had the ability to direct the camera if I had my own private camera, so Yeah, my my daughter's playing volleyball, and actually Mary's daughters, her coach. And I can't tell which one's my daughter. She's the one sitting by yourself on the bench. But it's hard because ah, at their home games in Salt Lake City, there can't be spectator, so they have a live stream. Webcam that you could watch the games. Just a steady cam. They don't They don't order they They try to take different shots or no, It's mostly just the steadies data. Yeah, and it throws up a little bit The other day we were trying to watch and my husband's a very good critic of performance. My usually I'm just a cheerleader. I'm just saying, Oh, good job on, But I think especially for for kids that age. I mean, like freshmen and sophomores. They need to hear that. Well, Nice try, you know and not eat themselves up. Well, I hope my daughter stepping it up and giving them it's OK, buddy. It's OK, buddy. Here you'll be be fine. You're okay well, and I don't know what it is about volleyball specifically, but I feel like the culture of volleyball is really positive. There's a lot of Um Like if you Mrs shot, everybody just comes over and high fives you anyway. And let's dumb should be high five. And if you miss a shot you Mr jogging you Well, just you should just say Get it next time. Do better next time. Yeah, yeah, but it but it's more like you'll get it next time instead of You know, it's brush it off. Don't don't think about your mistake. Think about what you're going to. Do. You know, Mary, you were a big time volleyball player yourself right in college. I played. Yeah. I wouldn't think I played in college and then I played on a protein hearing. You talk for a little while, but it was like they just I was on TV, so they maybe we're hoping that the team would get more publicity if they had an anchor on it. You mean we were with a lot of fun? You weren't really good enough to be on the protein. Is that what I don't think I was? I don't think I was coming. I mean, I'm a 6 ft tall middle hitter, which means you play across the front row in your block and hit Again with these girls. I was in my early thirties and they were all right out of college or playing on the Olympic team, and I ended up going in to serve and play the back row so because they were that Tough theaters and, Yeah, sure. And I will hold and washed out when you were when you were playing in college. Was there ever any thought that maybe you would be you would go further than just playing in college? No. I wanted to get a freedom for Mina. I wanted to get paid for and I think needed in that and I don't. There wasn't really a pro league at the time. That wasn't you could go and other countries in play, and I never really thought I wanted to get a real job. Networking. No. And no. No thoughts of the weren't weren't weren't there. Volleyball wasn't available in the Olympics. In the Olympics. Yes, and I have that dream in high school, And then I broke my arm. And then I blew many Olympics. No free diploma. Yeah, and then 30 years a little playing on a protein but, yeah, within big knee brace and, yeah, you know, I really do think the culture of volleyball is pretty positive, but I think it's it's partly with The program you're in and I know with with my daughter and with with me, is it Getting him to fall in love with the game on freshman sophomore level. They're they're not jumping. You know if they are really, really good and competitive there on the varsity team with with the younger girls, you're just trying to get him to learn the basics for the game and have a little plan. You mean I had one girl. A few years ago, who every time she had the ball in the net or made a mistake. She just peed herself up. She's like dating site and I go back to remembering my dad on the golf course he told my brother once. You're not good enough to get out of that. I mean, you're not Tiger Woods. You're not supposed to make every shot. You're not. You know, you're you're bad. You're not pro. You're just here to have fun. So don't get so mad when you make a mistake, and but I didn't want to tell her. She's not good enough. I was just telling her you don't beat yourself up. You're going to make mistakes, and eventually you'll get the hang of it. But Mary, you give me my sight off for the day You gave me my son enough. You're not going to be well, Mary. It's always a pleasure to talk to you. We have to go now. But watch Mary Nichols on Channel two. And you if you if you can don't don't pay any attention to the fact that she has to work with Ron Bird. You can forgive me for that. It's just the Mary Nichols show. Just think of it. As far as I'm concerned, not at all. Have a great day gets to talk to you later. Let's see. We're going to take a break. 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