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Metro playing piano as well. That's really good harmonica gradient Bennett negate. Gaylord that's great. She feels her way right through the verse. The melodic rhythm of it. Very good Both entirely believable. I agree my interview with Randy. Any Newman concludes after a short break. When we come back? What's the deal with the Song I love? La is sincere song. Is it an ironic song. Sometimes it is hard to tell with. Randy Newman stay tuned. For the answer it's bulls eye for maximum fund dot org and NPR support support for this podcast and the following message come from colour. Intelligent toilets with a range of smart features for pampering relaxation and cleanliness. Colour intelligent toilets are designed to provide an elevated. Experience enjoy warm. Water cleansing warm air. Drying and heated seat control surround yourself with ambient ambient lighting and automatic air freshening because every moment with a colour intelligent toilet is designed to make you feel your cleanest and most comfortable Kohler invites you to discover what you've been missing at Kohler dot com slash intelligent toilets. It's Oscar time and NPR's pop culture happy hour. has you covered. Grab your popcorn and FIMS. I listen to all nine of our episodes covering the best picture. Nominees search now in spotify for Oscars twenty twenty from pop culture..

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