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Because it seems that everything stopped once for the whole family. So it's kind of is very interesting. But i i feel that there is. There is a hint of something wrong owning those places. And how does that feel. How does that feel when you when when you when you get that. That feeling course. Y'all got the feeling that you have to respect the purple been more than some that. Many people have visited before one of the first things that we actually in this project was this ethical guideline or is that the bogo agree. Go into this place. We respect that places. We never erupted out the location. There is some kind of a personal information. We try not to give out that kinda image of misery or image of something bad happening so if you look at our photos from places that hats items. It's more like this. Not that sad motor is kind of You know it's more like this magical magical. Um Watch the behind type movies Psychological thrillers and things are that. I can't imagine what that would do with your mind when you're going into these houses but not review believing ghosts. Do you not neither review of A did re to post way. Said he'd never seen anything. Which makes you think there's something of the paranormal about this. It would be very nice to see something. We look. look a little quirky. But we haven't seen yet any plans any places you want to go to the. You haven't been that you think we have to do that lighthouses so much. That i would see one in china in china actually writing the eastern border in their chinese order There like many people say that the greatest place or that most difficult laces yet diamonds space shuttle on in the desert somewhere I'm not gonna say rarities. But many people say that. That's like the holy grail of abandoned things to see a abandoned spatial but many have done it a now. We see photos that it set covered in graffiti. It's scott of a. I think that that one place i want to see is something that i don't know about. I know you being planning books of your your explorations and i. I know you'll you'll keeping his quite close to your chest if i click the shop on your website. I'm taking to to chinese beautiful beautiful prints but but what about the book or is that like the russian space shuttle location. A secret right now. Yeah we've been planning you in bats. But because i think that after every trip we take we feel that level has gone higher. Yes i feel that. I it would be too early every time early to start doing bats by. I think that it's coming for me. It's more about doing any advice for. I know what i'm out doing. The photo walk episode of this show each week. i come across all sorts of abandons things mostly bonds. So they're not you know up with your lovely country houses that you find they all mostly bonds. Occasionally they are old caravans. The have seen absolately consumed by the vegetation around them. What's your advice for for people that want to go urban exploring well Many people don't know how much time we actually used to do is planning on. Finding places are going there on going hundred different place in one tree. First of all it takes it a. You need to have a passion if you want to do it like us like really really do with all the time but then then again there are people who go to one house like when it's gone steal away it's urban exploring yet also one thing that you mentioned before We do art. And that's i think that's very important. And that's true. And i i would say that one kind of a injured suggestion remained. Two people. were considering doing you. Stu clarify your motivation. Why are glowing. We see places get broken and destroyed. And i think if you had like good. Motivation is not good intentions than he's finds you do. You're doing something else than arts or something unethical. my My thanks to tanya and chemo and of course there are some examples on the show page of there were but better still follow the lincoln and see their work and on the on the instagram page. I'm intrigued by an old pier or The old island that appear once. Run out to the They got a drone picture of this now. We should've asked them if they went inside. Because i was stood on the beach and weston-super-mare in the south west of england only last week thinking looks intriguing. I was looking for the new peer to the olten wondering. How can i get access on that island and chemo and tanya. Despite the fact that is called bandit abandoned nordic actually they looked like yes. They've been to the uk as well. And i wonder if they got onto the island. I must awesome. That intrigues me. Any just seen it. So i'll drop. The mail arrived to this wonderful judge to church just going through the lich gate because closed that and i wa. I seem to because it sir is gonna building some. It looks norman in design. But then it's sort of to route building gonna offer to graph of it hold on it's a bit of a lifeless cloud cloudless lifeless sky so it's not gonna be that It's not gonna have any bite could deal with a neutral density. Filter slid in over the top cosa county that with an x one hundred shutter speed hundred f. Five six. I say four hundred larry guy. He's a fascinating building. I think i'll go over to the far corner and have a sit down over here. Read the last night of the week the last couple of hours of the week. We are closing today with Some beautiful music to continue your water this week from when mountains move with With a song found the other day could all keepdriving beautiful. I'll play that shortly for you right some pictures firstly from well. We'll start with jim farmer. Hello neil i'm a new listener to your show and a really enjoy thank you. Jim attached the recent shot. I made on the savannah river with separates the former english colonies of georgia and south carolina. I drive over this This bridge every morning on my way to work in about a week ago there was a a nice low fog hanging over the water which is very unusual for these these hot summer months here. I won't doubts on a dock by the river and made this short with my like a cue. Oh you're making me jealous of your like a q. You are And he said walks rescued yourself. I thought for a moment. You made the pitcher out out the window the car anyway. Jim says it turned out. Really nice you bet it did jim. I'm so pleased you send it in and we can show this on the show page. Jim farmers fog shot. That's one of the nice things about The winters when they when they come the folk shots. I'm going to go and take a few real misty walks. I think and so Yeah we come to a loss of the week time Well this is actually really a comment from from the web pages.

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