Humanitarian Aid, S O Bees, Las Vegas discussed on The Larry O'Connor Show


To let the latter die of starvation and thirst rather than deliver humanitarian aid to them he also calls the former s o bees for protesting the racist country he overseas and now because of las vegas the left wants to make it harder if not impossible for citizens to own firearms and wants to allow the government that evil racist one in the hands of a fascist who was the centuries version of hitler to determine who may or who may not own a gun now maybe it's me but if i really thought this country was evil and racist and could fall into the hands of incompetent fascist i'd want to hang on to a few guns wouldn't you if i thought the government was either so incompetent that they couldn't bring any kind of aid to you in the midst of a natural disaster or they were so evil that they would just let you die during a crisis like a hurricane or an earthquake or a riot or what have you then again i think having a few guns around during that kind of crisis where the government either is incapable of helping and and stepping in or refuses to step in because of their evil racist nature i think having a gun would be a good thing may be a handful of gums but but i ther no matter what i certainly wouldn't want that evil racist fascist incompetent government to vent have control over who does and who does not get to have a gun so i mean again that's just me i'm a conservative but can anyone explain to me why the left thinks the way they do because that's really really encapsulated in of what we're hearing from them over the course of last week this government is racist as government is evil owen by the way trump is hitler but we want him to oversee a government that decides who gets a gun in who doesn't and we don't want you to be able to have your own gun even though if there's a hurricane or natural disaster the government isn't going to come and deliver any aid because it's either incompetent or evil and doesn't want.

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