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Tethering max three speeds as died of cancer the police chief of cement oklahoma charged with soliciting child prostitution stacey burger allegedly offered to pay a sixteen year old girl for sexual favors he was charged in grady county district court since the alleged incident took place in chicken shea according to court documents burger confessed when questioned by authorities he made his first quarter appearance yesterday bond was set at one hundred thousand dollars undergraduate tuition and fees at the university of oklahoma could stay the same for the upcoming year and faculty and staff may be getting raises here's jim foreside this under a more than two billion dollar budget the board of regents approved yesterday the budget recommendation now goes to the state regents for higher education the recommended salary hikes would be the first norman campus in five years the tuition would remain flat for the second consecutive year secretary of state mike pompeo has been saying the u._s. and the taliban may be be able to reach a peace deal by september negotiations are underway the two sides talk about the possibility of u._s. troop withdrawal and at a news conference in india pompeo said the u._s. is looking for guarantees from the taliban that afghanistan will no longer be a safe haven for terrorists at kennison resolve the terrorists can never ghanistan versus Vices. optimism.

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