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If the lions we'll do five hundred this year i kind of doubt it i think that since they fired jim brandstatter as the analyst for the lions broadcast i think they'll lose every game they play this year karma what are you watching garber i you seem interested in do you have a problem here no i'm in on the on the w s o p you are rooting for your boycott yes i am telling me the two thousand nine world series of poker joe cada he's won it before here he is all in at seven point one million dollars on linski but he is not the leader of this party the guy i forget his name he's got ninety eight million in chips on the table he's leading everyone he's kicking everyone's ass even catis yeah and catis bluff and right here this guy only got about a million one left so he's trying to hang around and he's he's got the latest down he doesn't have that strong of a hand here but cada i love the story got out who's gonna lay down the kid the kid caught pushed all in he does not have the kid has has the hand here the kids got kings cada bluffed his whole stack in but he's got this guy covered so he wouldn't be out if this guy called and beat him but i love the catis he's got to kings right there this guy linski here he would win this hand if he calls it but he's putting his whole tournament on the line right now eric king's i have said to you on many occasions that the worst television on earth is poker television what does that make us talking about it on the radio a huge change in the weather clearly i only love the kata story because obviously as you know i used to play a lot and he won the two thousand nine main event and for him to even get back to a final story with the way with how big these fields are now since the poker boom around two three for a guy to get back to the final table or let alone win it again in this type of poker hellmuth isn't winning this well look you got eight thousand plus people enter the main event now sometimes it is so hard for a pro to win this thing ever since oh year moneymaker one and all that stuff back in the early two thousands and internet poker started and all these guys started in the field got so enormous it is so hard for pros to get there very few even make the final table this guy cada wanted to know nine as as the youngest winner ever out of nowhere and now here he is nine years he's back with an opportunity to get back to the final table and he's already won a bracelet this will this guy is still thinking about this look still thinking about it which one is thinking about it no the kid the kid to see if he's bluffing yeah but now he's got he called the clock on him here so now he's got to decide in three minutes when a guy takes too long another player at the table can call a clock on them so they're seventeen million at stay on this thing yes that's what's in the pot right now i can if i was how can this kid call this here i just don't he has to lay it down he's got top pair but when you guy pushing that strong there's i don't know i don't know how he could lay down look at his face he's just he's troubled soul this guy's troubled soul a lot of money at stake carriers what his cards what's he gonna do now he's laughing in which means he's laying it down he's calling it when he's laughing like that he's gonna throw the cards in and give up our he's throwing them in so you're saying that cod is gonna win the hand i yeah oh what a great great bluff by car push them around there because he's got so many more they don't let them know that he was bluffed oh he doesn't have to show if that guy lays his down qatar doesn't have to show his car so he'll never know he'll know when he watches this goes all tonight he watches they'll now that he because now doing it live now i mean this is a little delay this.

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