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I would say you created this problem. You're no better close to Alan Graham. Alan Graham wasn't spending taxpayer's money. It's warm in here. And you should. He's not spending $9.5 million either. You know, I would say now 16 million and I don't know where. Almost feels like in the city has an underlying plan. We just don't know what man it is. So do you have a contract? The city would you consider a lawsuit? Yes, By all Means s o. You absolute all means, Yeah. You think you're gonna stop here? Okay, so you're not going to stop here? You are looking at opportunities to pursue a lawsuit. Absolutely. And that's what the message today is that every single person who's listening today is Please support this cause Because it's happening to us. It will happen to you also, it will happen to your neighborhood. Also, what do you want the city Council to do now? City Council to come speak, come to the table and really make us understand how kind Some agreement say I'm not opposed to form in support of houses if it continues like this, where they really genuinely want to help. The people. He had won a full ride the caseworkers they're going to provide and they're going to provide, But I want them to come come to the table and explained how secured and health faces will be there. I want them to build a fence. I want them to change the address. I want them to come speak to the residence, how their kids are going to be safe in the location. These are some conversations that need to happen. They have completely failed, just buying a prominent supporter of housing, and I don't want that to change for this. So if you look at former in support of houses, it's fine. It's not a shelter. They do not allow people to hang out. They do not. But we lived. My biggest concern is, Will it stay its purpose? Is what I'm questioning because today was going to stop the city from changing its purpose out. They didn't stop today. They will not stop tomorrow, either. Good report to Dario. Thank you so much for calling in this morning that we really do appreciate you connecting with this bill for her in contact with us. Thank you very much for her. Yeah. Thought considering a lawsuit? Yeah. You know, I hope she goes sorry. She has to consider it but She doesn't well, she would be suing you. Well, you know what? I understand that? Yeah. And my my hands are tied. Yeah, I got you. I understand. It's quite a predicament. 51283605 90 toll free 8775905525 thought I was just thinking about years ago. Next to my neighborhood, a big Office building was being proposed. Being built and with with me in our neighborhood would be in the shadow of that, literally in and figuratively in this big office building and everybody in the neighborhood. We have a very small neighborhood was concerned about it had a lot of questions and complaints. And but but The difference is The developer worked very, very closely. Communication was was 100% with with all the residents in my little neighborhood, That's how you get everybody on board and and now, e don't know For what reasons I'm sure their financial but it hasn't happened. It never happened and that those meetings were 12 years ago now Don't don't know if it's still being planned or not, but I sure appreciate what he did as far as keeping us abreast of everything sure, and that's how you do it. Hey, check this out. US Children will start getting vaccinated this spring. That is if Dr Anthony Anthony Fauci has his way. You know, the director for the National Institute of Allergy Infectious Disease says, you know, he shots could be offered two kids between the ages of 12 and 17 at the beginning. And he's hoping that they'll be able to have the data to support initiating the covered 19 immunization of Children. By late spring into the summer, we will progress to the younger groups as we have more data. This will help reduce the virus transmission, he says. So they're Ugo. I think you're gonna have a bigger problem of parents getting their kids vaccinated. Yeah. And add. Will this be required to go back to school? Right. We know it's going to be required for potentially for a lot of travel getting on ships, planes. They won't want that done in the future and already gotta have mass. So how would think it would be required for your kid to go to public school right? Well could be right. I mean, the CDC says it's time to bring the kids back and the teachers don't need to be vaccinated to do that. They say that's what the CDC says. We got more straight ahead. Right here on news Radio K. L. B. J Todd and Gun show. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is nearing completion of 1 83 South Project, transforming an eight mile stretch of us 23 between us 2 90 Estates 71 in East Austin, The New expressway features three told in three non told lanes in each direction. The second final phase of the project between Techniques center drive an essay 71 will be open and faces over the coming weeks. The project includes $25 Million worth of bicycle and pedestrian improvements included shared she shared Use pants is well sidewalks and bike lanes, The 1 83 told North Bound, and that's a 71 and 2 90 is now open. Now you just got to get out there, folks and use it. Everybody tied. Hello. Hello. Mrs counts. It's the back Left tire of your RV calling wanted to give you a heads up that I'm gonna blow out on the highway later today. Wait, what it says here, I'm gonna burst in the middle of rush hour. Well, can we reschedule? Sorry our policy states that once were scheduled at birth. We.

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