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Challenge of. Pushing yourself but note but. Being able to gauge. What's too much, what's enough? Sweet spot. I think. For me, it's been really challenging because there's been so much back and forth on what potentially might happen and it's difficult because you'd get in these. Different people, maybe throughout the week and you're. You're having the same conversation every person like Oh. What tournaments are they're going to be I? Don't know what's California doing I. Don't know what the mayor of Los Angeles. I. Don't know this closed again. Did you hear this might happen? There's no international, so it's easy to get caught up and all that and just get disheartened and I've really tried. I mean I've been a part of the conversation that I've really just tried to. In my mind, say Nope, just continue business as usual. Your your only job is to get better to keep improving. And when the opportunity is there, then you'll be ready, but the last thing that you WanNa do is not be ready. Because didn't expect there to be any tournaments, or because nobody else is getting ready. You know and I'm like no, this is for me. I mean on if I'm being honest. I took all those years off so for me. I'm like Oh great! Everybody else can take time off right now. I get to catch up. 'cause I took so much off Morgan. Start though yeah. Just like this is. This might have worked out really well for me. For me. I found myself I. Just have to turn off the TV. And not try to stay in touch because I used to. Back in March April. I was like watching the daily press conferences. 'CAUSE I. Want to know what was going on with all one more week. Great poetry where we. Finally went. Screw it off, you know. I still follow it. But don't daily follow it. Really helped my. Mindset. Because I talked to my friends and Eric. Here and I'm like no. I don't care. So. Yeah so I. Cry, instead stay in touch, but Yeah it's not doing the daily. The daily thing anymore. Right, Just doesn't seem to help. Intelligent it's it's more of a distracted in my mind. So I, just want yeah. I want to ask this too much, but. You have three tournaments are. Are they still going to Hawaii? You know. Are they doing any kind of urine thing, or is it just GonNa be those three turnips and that's it. And they know it? This can be these three tournaments. In Long Beach so I think Long Beach. Is Unique in i. just read about this, but they're not really under the jurisdiction of Los Angeles Cownie. They. They are county, but they have.

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