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Mm i'm john callaghan the fox news the united nations security council meets emergency sessions a day after north korea launches a new more powerful intercontinental ballistic missile went higher frankly than any previous thought they pay in the research and development effort on their part continued building a missile that could threaten uh everywhere and defense secretary james mattis president trump saying we will take care of that situation he spoke last night with japan's prime minister ave and south korea's president mood tabas where you're bob buck corn says his city is sleeping easier and now in the battle between darkness and light light has one as tampa police charged a man with the murders of four people in the last fifty one days police jeep brian dugan says they were tipped off to where they could find 24yearold emmanuel dumb in the third we receive some information about mr having a firearm at the mcdonald's one of his coworkers approached a police officer that is what led us that's the word yet all the motive reno nevada police racing to a highrise condominium last night after parts of a shooter firing from an elevated position it turned into a brief hostage standoff a woman was rescued the shooter shot a confrontation with rain open added pressure on the longestserving member of the house to resign congressional black caucus chairman sca congressman cedric richman meeting with john conyers yesterday i'm gonna let him make his decision we had a good conversation seniors is already facing an investigation from the house ethics committee and has resigned his position as the ranking democrat on the house jadeja sherry committee woman who worked for conyers congressional office says he toddler and tried to coax her to have sex with him fox news fair and balanced i'm in almost every school a blessing class i go to scold with the are children briefing impacted laureates had them senior senior denied any for.

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