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Twenty right now is who's your role model will trigger them he looks Justin Smith and al Durham Durham now works to the right gives it to Jerome hunter with the ball between the circles against cal sure acted during the white one and thirteen other shock drives it to the last polls outside the pate inside loaded phrase praise god back inside against the lower the hookshot wouldn't wouldn't go just try to get it but it was not either yeah a little ball great catch by trade really asked by the by the green trees publishes for a second but he's able to get the shot off that's good offense from Indiana shot clock resets to twenty thirty five point eight remaining in the half years now there are may call a five second violation while one of the law you're trying to get Justin Smith coming off a little screen in a wall and into the middle of the lane there for the long way but you gotta be able to make contact the end of the fourth job especially not out of bounds underneath the defender recieved twenty killed markers four seconds between the two stocks were down twenty to go in the half Walmart has a car dribbles out there near midcourt amante greatest let's see do cells now card it's ready to work start right gives back to the left side rows of white Porter even for a free trial and it was his third three of the first one second shot of the.

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