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O. T. H. D. to Phoenix and I heart radio station good evening from the five fifty user my problem for governor Ducey telling all of us across the state of Arizona to stay home unless it's for essential services across the country we seem to stay at home orders and shelter in place orders and once the semantics are set aside the implementation and the gold are one and the same can have physical distancing measures to slow the spread of covert nineteen now governor Ducey saying the stay at home order will go into effect tomorrow night at five o'clock in the afternoon we are still able to take part in with the so called essential activities and will not be required to show proof if we leave the home so basically not much is changing this is the governor's way of saying I'd like you all to stay at home to help stop the spread of the corona virus we're now at over eleven hundred cases across the state of Arizona case wondering what's still be open like I said many things but grocery stores and pharmacies amongst them U. S. setting a new milestone against the fight in the coral cove in nineteen battle president trump announcing over one million Americans so far have been tested health secretary Alex is aren't noting nearly one hundred thousand tests are now being done every day as the number of confirmed cases continue to spike crossed the nation again that is not unexpected whole foods workers planning a strike tomorrow protesting employee protections amid cold at nineteen although the company has raised wages for both U. S. and Canadian workers by two Bucks an hour a whole foods labor group says their fundamental needs workers have become more urgent police at the Amazon owned chain will call out sick to demand things like sick leave for self isolated police healthcare coverage double hazard pay and clean work spaces it says several grocery chains to put a plexiglas barriers at cashier stations OpenTable continues to take reservations but not for restaurants the apps actually to let shoppers choose time slots to go to supermarkets and other retailers if they're still open goals do decrease overcrowding avoid long lines during the time of social distancing last week OpenTable reported a four hundred percent surge in delivery and takeout orders all across the nation on Wall Street today the Dow closed up six hundred and ninety points the nasdaq was up as well it finished up two hundred seventy points the S. and P. was up eighty five it's good to look at traffic doubt Lee Pollock on out there blooms on the carefree highway this afternoon crashes closed westbound carefree highway at twenty four street so if you're heading over there in that area right now you're better off on Sonoran Desert as your alternate the other rec carefree highway west bound at castle hot springs that's got the shoulder blocked off car motorcycle wreck restrictions twenty four street and Thomas they're off on thirty second Osborne finally pal more traffic for twelve five fifty K. FYI this report is sponsored by train heating and cooling because it's hard to stop a train enjoy comfort that's built to last with the new train heating and cooling system at train they test so it runs for a limited time you can get a great deal on a qualifying new train system visit train info dot com to find your local dealer that's train info dot com it's hard to stop a train weather forecast today all man it's gonna get warm this week that's all I know is get your low point tonight down to fifty four eighty three tomorrow that eighty seven expected on Wednesday right now upper seventy seventy seven in Phoenix and in Tempe seventy six L. Gilbert my name is rob hunter next news update for you on Russell hunter coming up about four twenty seven on new stuff five fifty K. Y. at them at ninety five point.

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