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Coming up after the news on the bbc world service it's hardtalk with me statement sakha the israeli defense force sees itself as an institution which binds the nation together most young israelis in its ranks after leaving school claims to combine defence of the state and a sense of moral purpose my guest today served in the idf but he sees an institution corroded and corrupted by the military occupation of palestinian communities over fifty years span i've net guardia who and likeminded soldiers turned dissidents say that they are breaking the silence but i think patriots or traitors what motivated me eventually to break my silence was that the piercing eyes of young palestinians when i was barging into their house in the middle of the night their fear made me realise what i'm actually doing to millions and millions of people that's avner devalue who on hardtalk after the news hello i'm jerry smith were the bbc news alzheimer's to set up an independent commission to investigate a row about sexual misconduct buys workers in haiti in chad the heads of oxfam international winnie beneema told the bbc they would follow the commission's recommendations we are going to be accountable this independent commission whatever it recall named slice we are committed to implementing and that includes looking into past cases we should find that the what mishandled an those people who mishandled them as stealing our organization will hold them accountable more funerals are to be held in portland in florida for the victims of wednesday's high school shooting there on thursday thousands attended.

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