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All that mystery and speculation around BOJ policy as our markets crew norts, notes. So this following on S&P 500 bruising yesterday, and that's a Bloomberg business flash. Now let's get a news update with Ed Baxter in San Francisco. That's right. Hey, thank you. Yeah, thank you, Michelle. Elon Musk is in court over a couple of tweets that lawyers for the shareholders say cost billions of dollars. Juries selected today trial begins tomorrow. University of Texas at Austin has banned the use of TikTok on the campus networks expressing concerns about ties to China and the large amount of user data that it collects. Hong Kong may soon scrap PCR test requirements for arrivals from China, Hong Kong times reporting lawmakers recall for a switch to rapid antigen tests, South Korea president Yun suk eula's office has clarified statements that the ROK might need to acquire a nuclear weapons. They say no it has no plans to do so. Pentagon says it is struggling to get China to resume military to military talks, German Chancellor Olaf scholz says Germany believes globalization is a key to the future of the world and tells Bloomberg's John micklethwaite that China is a part of that equation. Schultz also says Germany will support Ukraine as long as there is need And the mayor of key vitali klishin Dallas with Bloomberg's David Weston says the fight to keep infrastructure is intense and also The Pentagon says it is sending U.S. arms that are being stored in Israel, Ukraine. That is a New York Times report. In San Francisco, I'm Ed Baxter, this is Bloomberg. All right, let's check on sports with Dan Schwartzman

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