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But that is the tv series. That i watch. He had a recurring role on the tv series. The sun with an amc property with pierce brosnan right. Um and he has basically just been sort of a season eleven regular for the walking dead but not an hour but fear not for his career. He has two things in post production and one thing that is filming. He has to shorts the first one. Is i propose we break up title. I don't like that okay. This one after a love story. Maybe we'll see how it pans out. So he is also in filming for the ancients which looks like a movie although it looks like he's doing voice work in it. Yeah but that's okay so it looks like a cgi movie Okay so not a cartoon not alive action but like it looks like there's real actors but it's definitely computer generated. Okay kind of like alita battle angel or that that kind of thing. Exactly exactly okay. He is absolutely beautiful on instagram. Like he is. He has said he cleans up very nicely and he definitely definitely leans left. Don't hate don't follow him if you're gonna hate on him he is. Glenn stanton drama on instagram. Stowe he is also on twitter at glenn. Stanton act Also got some cool behind the scenes shots on his twitter and he is also on facebook. Of course just glenn stanton so you know how i said that i felt like i needed to revise my rating of rendition. Yeah have you. After this little bit of exposure to pope and the group again. I was like nope still hate him. I think what's funny is. I don't know if it is the kind of grizzled military with the kind of cap That he wears like. I feel like i know him from somewhere. Like i feel like he's he's been the bad guy or an anti hero in another movie lady just as very talking about about pope. Oh he's been in multiple things where he's played. The bad guy remember. That was that was that was his claim to fame is that he plays the bad guy but just just the look of his character pope. It's i don't know there's very something very familiar about it. So yeah it's it's actually. It's very unsettling it's not a good thing..

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