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You lose you work bad no it's not i think it's like a fifty bucks to replace like the magnetic card why we're going to send a note saying hey tickets come to game on you know with me a chip in a box like come on sandru plus you by not playing you can hang out with them during the game while i want to see it on the football by the way if you just joined us we're convene on rich andrew lock lost his wallet someone returned it and any gave him a autograph football who annaborough hook say that the guy who wanted that maybe did i don't know and a letter like a little you know a nice thank you but how about you throw emit that letter and the football maybe at least five hundred tickets to a game and a couple hundred it's andrew luck the guy's got millions if the average person would say here's one hundred bucks i found the guy's wallet street's let alone is probably worth some college kids wallet and he offered me money and i said no no college boy or as a for good say nemesis the famous place of going indie go you know what saint elmo's on me whatever you want experience take him out for a drink alfie but cash money so andrew gatz as you know my dad says you've got to be a little old school when it comes to this my dad always says yeah and i gave him cash you gotta give someone a cash reward when eight go out of their way to help you out has never gone out of style andrew luck hopefully sheepskin let's be honest a little bit chiefs gave hopefully as a little more luck you know i lost respect for the guy to be honest here in his story let's hope we can actually throw the football this year yeah it's like here's a karma he should have did it you're right well coming up right here on convene on rich more foolish antics with a question has to do with sharing a hotel room as an adult is there does there come a point where it's like time to bug like put your big boy pants okay got it you feel frugal punt the lowness take off your fro petrol on is which is all the time we get through next.

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